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Signature Sessions

Personal Training
Signature Sessions



George Bender
– Functional Training
Functional fitness is core centered; improves core stability, muscular strength and endurance and incorporates interval training to improve cardio-respiratory fitness and stamina.


giovanna florentina

Giovanna Florencia
– Cross Training for Dancers
Incorporate Pilates, barre and workouts with lots of reps and lower weight. You don’t have to be a dancer to reap the benefits of these movements to improve strength, coordination and flexibility.


kelly dodge

Kelly Dodge
– Glute Camp
Reap the benefits of having strong ‘glute’ muscles! You will realize improved posture, fat loss, injury prevention and improved speed/agility in this mash-up of boot camp-style workouts and glute isolation exercises.


paula mccorkle
Paula McCorkle
– Post Physical Therapy Kettlebell Conditioning and Muscular Balance
Full body workouts to help you improve muscular imbalances. Perfect for getting yourself back into pre-physical therapy health—and maybe beyond.


laura leicht

Laura Leicht
– High Intensity for New Moms
Quick, non-time consuming workouts to build your conditioning post delivery. Improve your strength, tone and sleep, and relieve stress.



Zach Cenname
– Off Season Cyclist Training
Winter is coming and the cycling season is winding down, but that doesn’t mean your training should too! The off season is the perfect time to focus on strength, flexibility and mobility training that you don’t get from riding and are often overlooked.



Shawn McCrorey – Post Injury Training OR Young Athlete Conditioning
Avoid re-injury and overuse by strengthening and conditioning your specific injuries and problem areas. Young athletes need to supplement their skill training for sports with great conditioning. This is a program to improve overall fitness, athletic ability and strength.



Mike Kroll – High Intensity for Weight Loss
Reach your weight loss goals through these intense sessions. Improve your overall strength, conditioning and confidence along the way.



David May – Yoga for Muscle Recovery and Relaxation
These yin yoga sessions will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and a little less sore. Gain huge improvements to your overall flexibility and mobility, which are tremendously underrated qualities of fitness and health.


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