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AgeWell Pittsburgh

AgeWell Pittsburgh, a collaborative program of the JCC, the Jewish Association on Aging and Jewish Family & Community Services, offers a one-stop resource that links older adults, their family members, friends and caregivers.
Call 412-422-0400 or visit


With support of the Jack Buncher Foundation, the JCC is pleased to announce the pilot of a new Senior Center in the JCC South Hills facility. The expanded services will greatly enhance the already robust fitness and wellness programming for older adults at the JCC South Hills.
AgeWell at the JCC-South Hills, based in a newly renovated space at the South Hills JCC, will offer low-cost kosher style Grab-and-Go lunches and a wide variety of services, classes and socialization activities.

Individuals ages 60 and older can register to participate.

Learn more about AgeWell at the JCC South Hills: Click HERE

For more information:
412-278-1795 · [email protected]
Or stop in at the new JCC South Hills Agewell Office


AgeWell at the JCC - J Cafe
J Cafe at the JCC Squirrel Hill – Click HERE

Are you looking for a convenient place to have lunch?
Come to the J Cafe at the JCC in Squirrel Hill for a delicious kosher lunch. Special pricing for those ages 60+.

Reservations preferred. Call 412-567-1715 by 4 pm one business day in advance.

The JCC is under the supervision of the VAAD.

J Cafe at the JCC South Hills – Click HERE

AgeWell at the JCC South Hills will operate Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 9 am to 2 pm. Offerings will include:

Low cost kosher style Grab-and-Go lunch will be available 12:30-1:30 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Seating options are available for participants to enjoy their meal with friends. $3. Must be registered to participate.

For more information or to reserve your meal, call or email:
412-278-1795 · [email protected]

Please leave a message providing your name , your order, and for which days you are ordering for.

Older Adult Fitness
Older Adult Fitness and SilverSneakers – Click HERE

Contacts and Information
How to Register for AgeWell at the JCC

Participants must be 60 years or older and a resident of Allegheny County to join AgeWell at the JCC. Services include Community Membership to the JCC and access to J Cafe meals.

To Register

Appointments are preferred. Please call or stop by the office to make an appointment:

  • Squirrel Hill: Room 201, 9 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday. 412-697-3514.
  • South Hills: 9 am-2 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 412-278-1795.


Senior Center Accreditation Logo

Sharon Feinman

Sharon is the Division Director of AgeWell at the JCC and oversees all older adult programming, program expansions, grant management, and community partnerships. She also continues in her role as an AgeWell Pittsburgh coordinator.  Previously, Sharon was the Assistant Department Director and supervised community-wide expansion of evidenced-based and evidence-informed programs and has also held the position of Health and Wellness Program Coordinator for older adults.   Sharon holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) and has over fifteen years’ experience working in the aging field. She is certified in The Grantsmanship Center Training Program, SilverSneakers Exercise, Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program and Walk with Ease, Enhanced Fitness, Healthy Steps for Older Adults, UCLA Longevity Center’s Memory Training, Partners in Care Foundation HomeMeds Medication Assurance Program, and many more.

Sharon can be reached at [email protected], 412-697-3533.

Darlene Cridlin
Darlene is the Department Director of AgeWell at the JCC and oversees all of the senior center programming and the continued national accreditation process through the National Institute of Senior Centers.  She also manages the quality tiers and reporting information to Allegheny County Department of Human Services Area Agency on Aging.  Darlene is also an active member of the JCC’s Quality Improvement Committee.  Darlene is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with experience supervising Behavioral Health Outpatient programs. Within the AgeWell at the JCC office, Darlene has overseen the accreditation of the program serving older adults. Prior to joining AgeWell at the JCC, Darlene supervised a team providing in-home supports and services. Darlene can be reached at [email protected], 412-697-3517.


Amy Gold, MSW
Amy is a Program Coordinator and an Information and Referral Specialist. She has her Master of Social Work (MSW) and has worked at the JCC since 1998, originally in Family Place where she provided socialization, support and parenting skills to new parents and their children. Since joining the AgeWell department in 2007, Amy has been responsible for developing and implementing the CheckMates peer telephone reassurance program, recruiting and training older adult volunteers, implementing and coordinating outreach efforts and making necessary referrals for older adults within and outside of the AgeWell Pittsburgh network. Amy can be reached at [email protected], 412-697-3528.

Marsha Mullen

Marsha is the Program Coordinator for Healthy Aging.  Prior to joining the AgeWell office, she served as the Assistant Fitness Director at the JCC for 10 years.  In her current role, Marsha is responsible for coordinating new and ongoing health and wellness programs for older adults through Agewell, while also continuing her work with the phase III Cardiac Rehab program, personal training and teaching group exercise classes within the Fitness & Wellness Department. Marsha can be reached at [email protected], 412 -339-5405.

Madeline Barnes

Madeline is the current Director of Technology and Evidence-Based Programming. She joined the AgeWell at the JCC staff in September 2018 as a program coordinator. Prior to joining the AgeWell team, she completed an AmeriCorps service year program under the National Health Corps at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.  Madeline holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Health from the University of Maryland, and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. In her current role, she oversees the expansion of various programs for older adults, including the Virtual Senior Academy and the HomeMeds Medication Assurance program. Madeline can be reached at [email protected], 412-697-1186.


Michelle Hunter
Michelle joined the AgeWell at the JCC as Program Coordinator in July 2018.  She is a licensed social worker with an MSW from the University of Pittsburgh.  Prior to accepting this position, Michelle worked extensively with seniors and adults in community health and mental health settings connecting them to community resources that promoted independent living, socialization, and skill building.  At AgeWell, Michelle is using her organizational skills to assist in making general procedures more streamlined and efficient. Michelle can be reached at [email protected] , 412-697-3515.

Beth Rudel

Beth joined the AgeWell at the JCC team in September 2021 as a Program Coordinator for the Virtual Senior Academy and Evidence-Based Programming.  She works with facilitators to cultivate and create content and relationships for our older adults and programs that are beneficial for them to maintain their independence. Beth holds a Bachelors degree in Communications from Penn State University and brings with her a robust background in technology sales and marketing communications. Outside of the JCC, Beth enjoys photography and volunteering her time coordinating service projects cleaning up the Pittsburgh area rivers.  Beth can be reached at [email protected] or 412-339-5407.

Gail Michael 

Gail has worked at Community College of Allegheny County. Gail has a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Carlow University. Gail has volunteered at the Highmark Caring place since 2015. Gail also volunteers at other places depending on her availability.

Chess – Mondays, 11 am-12 pm in Room 202
-Center for Loving Kindness & Civic Engagement Neighbor’s Circle – VSA hybrid discussion group, Mondays, 12:15-12:45 pm in room 202 (or attend online on the Virtual Senior Academy)
Discussion Group – Tuesdays, 10-11 am in Room 202
Weekly Movies – Wednesdays at 1 pm in Room 202
Art & Quarantine Stories: Exploring Iconic Artworks Throughout History that Relate to Our Current Movement – Thursdays 12:15-12:45pm in Room 202 (or attend online on the Virtual Senior Academy)
Choral Group – Fridays at 12 pm in Levinson B
Tech Tutoring Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please contact Maddie Barnes for times and to schedule an appointment at [email protected] or 412-697-1186.

Virtual Senior Academy – classes Monday-Friday on

*Class schedule is as of 9/15/22 and is subject to change. Contact AgeWell staff for more details

AgeWell at the JCC Receives Reaccreditation from the National Council of Aging

The JCC is pleased to announce that the National Council of Aging Accreditation Board met on 12/20/2021 and unanimously approved the recommendation for reaccreditation of AgeWell at the JCC (Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh). NCOA stated: “Successfully achieving accreditation takes the work of many people both in the senior center and in the community. When these two groups work together the rewards will be felt for many years to come. Your organization demonstrates outstanding leadership and commitment to quality programs and services. This letter is your official notification that AgeWell at the JCC has been accredited by NCOA/NISC for a period of five years from December 2021 – December 2026.”

The Peer Reviewers observed many strengths of AgeWell at the JCC, including:
• Impressive number and variety of programs and services. Changes in response to the pandemic are to be commended.
• Access to the use of the JCC’s expansive buildings and amenities to assist the Center in providing a variety of programs and services
• Long-time staff members who are passionate about and committed to their work
• Excellent use of community partners in providing innovative Center offerings
• Extensive collaborations with community aging partners in serving older adults
• Innovative programs such the Virtual Senior Academy and CheckMates

The NCOA statement continued: “We are pleased to have AgeWell at the JCC on the list of more than 120 senior centers who meet the standards as developed by NISC. These are centers that are held up as models for others to follow. We know that you and your staff will continue to improve and adapt to meet the changing needs of the older population. We congratulate you and your staff in striving to meet the needs of the older population in your community.”


AgeWell at the JCC receives senior center accreditation plaque at the National Institute for Senior Center’s conference in Philadelphia.

AgeWell Pittsburgh wins 2017 Collaboration Prize

The JCC and Familylinks are pleased to announce that their respective Senior Centers, AgeWell at the JCC and Vintage Inc., have achieved National Senior Center Accreditation, making these two centers the first in western Pennsylvania to have achieved such a milestone. Read more about our Senior Center Accreditation

Elder Express
Call 412-697-3517.
Elder Express provides regularly
scheduled van service to people
age 65 and older. If you live in the 15217 zip code and are registered with Access, you are automatically registered for
Elder Express. Round trip for $3. Get a schedule in Room 201.

Register in Room 201 for:

  • Elder Express

Bring photo ID with your date of birth.

Elder Express Schedule

Are you on top of your medications? Are your medications working for you? Do you understand your medications? If you answer “no” to any of these questions, we have a program for you!

HomeMeds Medication Assurance, Partners in Care Foundation, is a consultation that addresses medication safety by identifying potential adverse medication effects due to duplication of medications. Medication errors can be serious, costly, common and preventable.

  • If you have multiple doctors prescribing medications
  • If you use more than one pharmacy to fill your prescriptions
  • If you take over-the-counter vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements,homeopathic remedies, creams, gels or lotions
  • If you take any over-the-counter remedies with medicationsprescribed by a physician

What: Medication errors are serious, costly, common and preventable. Bring in your prescription and over-the-counter medications and home remedies to the JCC.

When: By appointment only

Where: JCC of Greater Pittsburgh

Please contact Madeline Barnes 412-697-1186 [email protected] for more information, or to sign up for an interest list.

If you are an adult with an ongoing health condition, such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety or any other chronic condition, we can help you take charge of your life.

Living with Chronic Conditions PDF

Please contact Amy Gold, 412-697-3528.

Virtual Senior Academy – Online Classes for Everyone!

Developed by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation in 2017, VSA is a free web-based platform that connects seniors 50 years and older in Pittsburgh and nationwide to their peers through interactive online classes. Technology provides a unique opportunity for engagement, expanding the reach of existing educational programs for seniors.
CONNECT online to take interactive group classes using videoconference technology. The Virtual Senior Academy offers a wide variety of Pittsburgh-based virtual classes every week.
PARTICIPATE in live classes on a variety of topics including health and wellness, history, book clubs, arts and music and so much more!
EASY to use platform. No prior computer experience needed. All you need is access to a computer with internet and a webcam.

View the VSA Website HERE

If you are interested in joining:
Sign up on the Virtual Senior Academy website
For more details, email [email protected] or call 412-697-1186.

Contact Us

Squirrel Hill

Darlene Cridlin: 412-697-3517

South Hills

Elaine Cappucci: 412-446-4773

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