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An UPstander is a person who could be a bystander, yet when
the opportunity presents itself, decides to stand UP for a neighbor.

UPstanders are community members who provide acknowledgement, understanding and support for neighbors facing challenges as a result of hateful acts, natural disasters, violence or intolerance that threaten the integrity of their community.

The way it works:
• When a need presents itself, JCC’s Center for Loving Kindness sends out an email alert announcing the UPstander volunteer opportunity.
• Each registered UPstander decides whether to participate.
• Each opportunity is stand-alone— we are grateful for the role you play at any time, with no commitment to volunteer on a regular basis.

UPstanders have:
• Registered Hill District neighbors for COVID vaccines
• Hosted COVID vaccine clinics
• Cleaned up church properties
• Planted vegetable gardens in East Liberty
• Distributed non-partisan voting information
• Cooked for new Afghan neighbors
• Stood up for neighbors at vigils and other public gatherings
• Signed banners of support for Ukraine neighbors
• Helped neighbors engage in JCC programs
• Supported a Christmas Open House gathering in Wilkinsburg

Why be an UPstander?
If you see your fellow’s ox or sheep gone astray, do not ignore it; you must take it back to your fellow…. and so too shall you do with anything that your fellow loses and you find:you must not remain indifferent. —Deuteronomy 22:1-3

Lo tuchal lehitalem—you shall not hide yourself, you shall not be indifferent. We are not permitted to look the other way, to continue with our lives as routinely as before… Indifference to our world is intolerable, unethical, and it breaches our morality.
—Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild, Lev Chadash, Milan, Italy

Register to be an UPstander HERE 

For more information, please contact:
Rabbi Ron Symons, [email protected]
Melissa Hiller, [email protected]
Linda McCullough, [email protected]

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