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Inviting People of Diverse Faith into Learning and Dialogue – from our own Living Rooms

Bring Sofa Spirituality to My Community

Bring Sofa Spirituality to My Community

In addition to offering public dialogues inspired by our archive of video interviews, we also bring Sofa Spirituality directly to organizations across the United States. We will customize a dialogue experience for your community, offer coaching for you to use Sofa resources, and even bring you onto our team to facilitate dialogues.

Customized Partnerships

Using the same framework of interview + dialogue that powers our public programming, we create customized Sofa Spirituality experiences for groups large and small, completely free of charge. We will work with you to design, plan, and facilitate a Sofa experience that meets your needs.

Select the options that meet your community’s goals for connection:

  • Choose your interview subjects – from our archive or from your local community
  • Choose your audience size and composition – from one or more organizations, heterogeneous or homogeneous, lay or clergy, adult or teen.
  • Choose your event format and frequency – prerecorded or live interviews, one-time event or a series, weekly or monthly.

To give a few examples:

  • In Northern New Jersey, our “Trust Building Through Community Conversation” Sofa series in partnership with the Jewish Community Relations Council pairs Jewish and non-Jewish congregations for a Sofa experience. After an interview with each congregation’s leader, members of both congregations interact in small groups for dialogue. These sessions emphasize building ongoing, trusting relationships that can lead to shared action.
  • In Arizona, we’ve brought Sofa Spirituality to the Arizona Faith Network, recording interviews with local faith leaders then facilitating as many as four simultaneous breakout dialogues. These sessions highlight interfaith issues unique to Arizona.

Get started today: Email Rabbi Ron Symons and Rev. Liddy Barlow.


Coming soon:

Download Sofa Spirituality curriculum materials that you can use to facilitate dialogues in your own setting. Each free download comes with a 45-minute coaching session with Sofa Spirituality creators to get you started on your Sofa experience.

Get Involved

We need your voice on the Sofa! Here are a few ways that you can become involved:

  • Suggest an interviewee. Do you know a dynamic faith leader whom you’d like to see interviewed on the sofa? Perhaps that person is you!
  • Become a Dialogue Leader. Dialogue Leaders are interfaith spiritual leaders with skills in facilitation and passion for building connection. We are seeking Dialogue Leaders to help facilitate Public Dialogues and Customized Dialogues. Email us to learn more about this role. (Small stipends are available.)
  • Become a Dialogue Partner. Dialogue Partners are spiritual leaders rooted in traditions other than Judaism and Christianity who are eloquent ambassadors of their faith traditions. We are seeking Dialogue Partners to participate in Public Dialogues and Customized Dialogues. Email us to learn more about this role. (Small stipends are available.)


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