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The Caplan-Lieber Human Relations Scholarship for High School Students

The JCC is proud to serve as an implementing partner of the Caplan-Lieber Human Relations Award of the Pittsburgh Area Jewish Committee Donor Advised Fund. The Award is presented to one high school student in Western Pennsylvania who has shown initiative and leadership in combating prejudice and fostering good relations between diverse groups within the school environment and/or community.

In 2024 the Award will be a $5,000 scholarship to the winning student.

That student’s school or organization also receives a $500 scholarship .

Our judges strongly consider the following:
• Student initiated programs in the school or community,
• Projects that address divisions in society based on race, color, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, religion, disability, sex, ancestry, national origin, bullying or other factors, and
• The engagement of others to combat prejudice and foster good relations between diverse groups within the school and/or community.

Students, Click HERE to learn about the essay you need to write to enter the competition to win a $5,000 scholarship.

Education professionals, Click HERE to support your applying student to win $500 donation for your school. The application form, the essay guidelines and other information are available to education professionals at this link.

Additional information, please contact Linda McCullough at [email protected]

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