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Birthday Parties

Celebrate a Special Day

Let the JCC take care of your child’s birthday party. We offer parties of all sorts at the JCCs in Squirrel Hill and the South Hills, and from Memorial Day through Labor Day, you can have a swim party at the Henry Kaufmann Family Park in Monroeville.

Our staff enthusiastically leads your party from beginning to end. You book it, then arrive and enjoy!
JCC Membership is required to have a birthday party at the JCC. 

Squirrel Hill

The price includes juice, paper goods, set-up and clean-up, balloons, kosher cake and staff supervision. The base price is for 15 children including the birthday child. Each additional participant: $10. Maximum guest count is 30, children and adults included.

Awesome Arts & Crafts Party
Projects may include “wearable art,” sand art and tie-dying. Choose the theme and we’ll come up with a creative party.

Creative Cooking Party
Become a “chef” for the day. Learn easy and fun no-bake recipes and then taste-test them with your friends!

Create Your Own Party
Call us with your idea and we’ll make the arrangements. Examples: science party, spa party.

Dance Party
Learn new dance games and enjoy old favorites. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Games Galore
A sports party for the younger set. Parachute play, Mr. Fox, Red Light/Green Light and Duck Duck Goose.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All
A Pokemon themed party at the JCC for ages 6-10. Participants will create their own Pokemon card, go on a Pokemon Scavenger Hunt, and play games like “Pika, Pika, Chu!”

Junior Chef
Calling all aspiring chefs! There will be three rounds of Top Chef activities, including mystery ingredients, themes and presentation. Dishes will be judged, and everyone eats the creations!

No Sleep Slumber Party
Party goers ages 7-10 are encouraged to wear their PJs while they participate in fun activities like pillow-case decorating, blanket-making, a fashion show and more!

Private Movie Screening
Host a screening with a movie of your choice in our big-screen theater setting at the JCC. Your guests will munch on popcorn mix they make themselves.

Superstar Sports Party
We’ll lead the games—wiffleball, kickball, soccer, hockey, relay races and more—for a winning party.

Swim Party: ages 5-10
Open swim time, games and relay races in our beautiful indoor pool or at the Family Park outdoor pool during the summer.

South Hills

Parties are appropriate for children in grades K-6. We set up, clean up, and supply paper products, invitations and supervision. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Parties are 90 minutes long except for swim parties, which are two hours. Parties are priced for up to 20 children with additional fee for each additional guest.

Games Galore: ages 5 and under
Parachutes, Mr. Fox, Freeze Dance, Four Corners, Duck Duck Goose and more.

Sports Party
Wiffleball, kickball, soccer, hockey, relay races and more.

Swim Party: ages 5-12
Relay races, cannon ball competitions and much more.

Craft Party
Choose a theme and we’ll come up with the projects to fit.
Extra materials fee

Create Your Own Party
We provide the space, supervision and party supplies—you provide the program and refreshments.
Minimum fee: $300

When you book a party with the JCC, you will get a FREE Kids Nite Out for one child.

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