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J Days

Always a Place to Go

Kids have fun at the JCC when school is not in session. J Days in Squirrel Hill and South Hills are programmed with field trips and in-house, and most days include swimming, creating and run-around time for children from PreK through grade 6.

The JCC also offers programming and care when schools are closed for snow or inclement weather. Call the JCC in Squirrel Hill at 412-521-8010 or South Hills at 412-278-1975, as early as 7 am to confirm.

Before and after care is available to extend the day.

For questions and to register: Lewis Sohinki, 412-697-3520

J Days

PreK-grade 6
• 9 am-4 pm.
• $75/child; $65 if registered one week in advance (field trips)/ $65/ child; $55 if registered one week in advance (in house)
• Bring a swim suit, towel and dairy lunch (no meat)
• Before Care: 7:30-9 am—no cost.
• After Care: 4-6 pm; $12/child, FREE for all 2017-18 Clubhouse members.
All children must be potty trained. Please note that we must have at least 5 children registered to run an in-house J day. We will give 24 hours notice for any cancellations.

Typical Schedule (all times are approximate):

7:30-9 am: Drop off on the lower level of the Robinson Building. Kids Choice activities include: games in the gym, crafts, board games
9:00-9:45 am: Kids Choice activities
9:45-10 am: Staff introductions, rules, bathroom break.
10 am: Leave for destination. Destinations can include: Museums, Wildwood Highlands, Skating, and more!
10 am-1 or 2 pm: Destination and special activities

Board buses back to JCC
Upon arrival at JCC: snack and Kids Choice sign up

2:30-3:30 pm: Kids Choice activities. Activities can include: swimming, gym games, crafts, board games, no bake cooking and more
3:30 pm: Meet in grade appropriate rooms for activities
4 pm: Pick up from J day/ After care begins
4-6 pm: Aftercare activities; follow Clubhouse daily schedule.

Spring J Days

Scheduled J Days:
June 12, 13, 14


J Days

For Children in Pre K-grade 6.

J Days are offered when Mt. Lebanon and/or the Upper St. Clair schools are not in session.

J Days include games, gym time, free swim, special field trip or in-house activity and snack. Bring a dairy lunch, beverage, swim suit, towel and gym shoes. No extra spending money is necessary.

When school is canceled for inclement weather:

No school, no problem! We will conduct a J Day program. Please call the JCC, 412-278-1975, at 7 am to verify start time. We follow the Mt. Lebanon and Upper St. Clair school closings.

9 am-3 pm
Before Care (7-9 am): $8/day
After Care (3-6 pm): $12/day
Before and After Care: $15/day

Winter Spring J Days

Scheduled J Days:
June 11-14

May J Days: Camp Games 

Tuesday, May 21.

Enjoy a day of camp, including 9 Square, Gaga, Newcomb, kickball, gardening, swimming and a beach party! Please remember to bring a swimsuit, towel and non-meat lunch.

Check your email for details about the activities for each J Day.

For more information or to register, please contact Jason Haber 412-278-1782

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