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Inviting People of Diverse Faith into Learning and Dialogue – from our own Living Rooms



Sofa Spirituality

Inviting People of Diverse Faith into Learning and Dialogue
– from our own Living Rooms

Free and Open to All



A Collection of Short Interviews with Spiritual Leaders

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Sofa Spirituality

Sofa Spirituality extends from the interfaith work that the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh’s Center for Loving Kindness and Christian Associates of Southwest PA have been engaging in since 2017, as we “redefine neighbor from a geographic term to a moral concept.”


Our Community

Our community is richer and more resilient when individuals can express their unique selves with one another as they explore important issues in dialogue and action. We learn how much more we have in common with each other even as we acknowledge real and perceived differences.


Our New Reality

Despite the limitations of physical distancing, a new reality of our interconnectedness through technology has blossomed. We realize that our work doesn’t need to end; rather, it needs to evolve. Sofa Spirituality allows people of faith and hope, curiosity and interest, to learn about each other while being in dialogue with each other. The intimate style of Sofa Spirituality affords each one of us to have a seat on the sofa and a voice in the conversation.


Our Thanks

Sofa Spirituality is made possible by The Russell Berrie Foundation and by Heinz Endowments, Opportunity Fund and The Pittsburgh Foundation.


Rev. Liddy Barlow

Executive Minister of Christian Associates of Southwest PA.

Rabbi Ron Symons

Founding Director of the Center for Loving Kindness and Civic Engagement at the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh