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Engaged, Experiential, & Relevant Jewish Education for Everyone

Jewish Education at the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh is engaging, experiential, and relevant for today’s Pittsburgh teen community.

We are proud to be moving to a new “a la carte” model: a model where teens can elect which programs, classes, or sessions they wish to attend based on their own availability and interests. We know that teens are busy now! We have one-day experiences, multi-week experiences, and one year-long Fellowship!

We are proud to announce that all sessions will be FREE for teens to participate in.

Interested in learning more about our programs? Sign up to receive more information here!

For more information, please email Maria Carson at [email protected].


The She’elot Fellowship is a twelve-week learning Fellowship for high school students. The She’elot — or Question – Fellowship is focused on asking and attempting to answer deep questions about life, society, and Jewish identity.

Because learning and participating in the Fellowship takes a significant amount of time, we are pleased to be able to pay Fellows for successfully completing the Fellowship. All Fellows will earn $250.00 after completing the Fellowship.

Register now here!

In order to earn the $250.00, Fellows will have to:

  • Have zero unexplained absences from sessions
  • Miss no more than 3 sessions
  • Come to sessions prepared to participate in discussions, experiences, and to read texts
  • Complete weekly journaling prompts


The She’elot Fellowship will take place in the Workshop of The Second Foor of the Robinson Building on Tuesday evenings from 5-7pm. A kosher dinner will be provided to all participants.

The dates of the Fellowship will be:

Tuesday, November 15th

Tuesday, November 29th

Tuesday, December 6th

Tuesday, December 20th

Tuesday, January 10th

Tuesday, January 24th

Tuesday, February 7th

Tuesday, February 21st

Tuesday, March 14th

Tuesday, March 21st

Tuesday, April 18th

Tuesday, May 2nd

Shape challah dough into beautiful braids while learning about tikkun olam, food insecurity, and raising money for local food access organizations!

Nazun meets once a month, TBD.

All teens welcome.

Magic in Jewish Texts

Did you know that Jewish texts are full of tales of magic, witchcraft, magical animals, and more? In this class, participants will learn to read these traditional texts and think about how contemporary Jews might infuse their lives with these spiritual practices.

Magic and Witchcraft in Jewish Texts meets for three sessions TBA. To sign up to receive more information, please fill out this form.


Jewish Food and Culture

What is more Jewish than talking about food? In this class, participants will discuss, prepare, and eat a diverse set of Jewish dishes while learning how food and foodways can transmit culture.

Jewish Food and Culture meets on three sessions TBA. To sign up to receive more information, please fill out this form.

To sign up to receive more information on any of these sessions, please fill out this form here.

Thrifting & Tikkun Olam

Participants will learn how buying second-hand clothing and goods can help the environment (and one’s wallet!). Participants will learn about how fast-fashion and the impulse to continually buy new, trendy clothes is an ecological disaster and what Judaism says about caring for the earth. The session will end with a trip to some local thrift shops.

Date: TBD.

All teens welcome.

The “Jew”elfire Club

Do you love Stranger Things? Do you wish you had a community D&D club in your community – a Hellfire Club for you? We will host a one-time D&D experience on The Second Floor – no experience or materials necessary! Participants will learn about how to be a conscientious tabletop roleplayer (or player of games in general) and what Jewish texts can teach us about being a humble winner, a proud loser, and a good team player in general.

Date: TBD.

8th graders-11th graders welcome.


Jews & Tattoos

What does Judaism say about tattoos and body piercings exactly? Is it true if you have a tattoo you can’t be buried in a Jewish graveyard? How are some Jews using tattoo art to demonstrate their Jewish identity and personal growth? Let’s talk about it!

Date: TBD

9th graders-12th graders welcome.


Journaling, Goal Setting, and the Wheel of the Jewish Year

The Jewish year can be a wonderful tool to help one with setting goals, kicking bad habits, and reflecting on how one can improve. Participants will think through the themes of the Jewish year while reflecting on their own goals and identities. Participants will be given a journal and journaling kit.

Date: TBD

All teens welcome.

Contact Us

Maria Carson

Director of Teen Leadership

[email protected]


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