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What sees us through?

Psalms see us through personal and collective crises Imagine living through two years of almost constant death threats because of who you love. How do you make it through? From where do you find your strength? When Bishop Gene Robinson opened up to us on the Sofa about his sexual identity and the threats on his life, he taught us that Psalm 27 saved his life. …

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Beyond Potlucks and Panels: Interfaith Dialogue for a Digital Era

One by one the Zoom boxes appear on the screen. A retired Jewish radiologist in suburban Pittsburgh. A self-described “Jew-Bu” in Brooklyn, combining the Judaism of her upbringing with a Buddhist meditation practice. A college professor who has practiced the Baha’i faith since her teens. A lapsed Catholic exploring phenomenological philosophy on the side. Joining us from their own living rooms, tonight this diverse group …

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