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Want to feel better? Try exercise (we're here to help)

If you want to feel better without taking medicine, try exercise. Studies continue to support that exercise at any age provides multiple benefits — controlling/preventing osteoporosis, relieving stress, reducing heart disease, preventing diabetes and preventing falls. Don’t worry if you’ve never exercised, or if you have stopped for some reason.  Being physically active can help […]

Training for the Big Swim

Our swimming pools are busy — with swimming lessons, swim teams, aquatics fitness classes, lap swimmers and recreational splashing-around. Since October, Conrad Kubaney has become a regular in our Squirrel Hill pool, swimming for hours at a stretch several times a week as he trains for a huge swim — across Lake Erie. Kubaney, 24, […]

International Day of Youth Service: J-Serve

The International Day of Youth Service, J-Serve, is meant for Jewish (and non Jewish) teens from across each participating community to join together with other teens to volunteer at places within the community. The teens learn not only about ways to get involved, but also why it is a crucial aspect of life in their […]

Jen's Fitness Journey: #GymMotivation

Blog Post #2 – March 16 It started with Group Active. Well, it actually started with seemingly endless rounds of texts and pep talks from my girlfriends that I could ‘totally do it’ and that ‘it was a great workout’, that I just needed to ‘get used to the cues and the moves, it would […]

International Women’s Day - #PressForProgress

As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, and Women’s History Month during March, we understand the phrase #PRESSFORPROGRESS is needed more than ever.  We live in a world in which women’s voices have been suppressed when it comes to reporting sexual harassment, domestic violence and sexual assault in all areas of society.  Our contemporary conversations are […]

Heart Health Starts Young!

February is American Heart Month. What better time to teach our youngest here at the JCC about the heart: Its function, its importance, its location in the body, and how to keep it healthy! Some of our oldest students in our Early Childhood Development Center began learning about their hearts last week during Special Gym, thanks to a […]

Minestrone Soup for the Soul

Flu season is in full swing. It seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing about someone who has the flu or at least someone sniffling or coughing. Other than standard precautions of hand hygiene and getting the flu vaccine what can you do to keep yourself from getting sick? Food of course! I’m sure […]

JCC Camps: Preparing for Life’s Journeys

C O N N E C T I O N S • V A L U E S • G R O W T H • F U N This is our responsibility: To prepare the next generation for the journeys that lie ahead. We hope that every journey will be fair and just. We […]

Combat Sickness During Flu Season

Each year, the typical adult can expect to contract 2 to 3 colds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Skip the flu vaccine and you set yourself up for a bout of that as well. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Aside from good hand washing (with soap and water for […]

Celebrating the Lunar New Year

You might be wondering why the JCC opens its doors to the Lunar New Year celebration. Let me begin by sharing a metaphor I just learned on a podcast by my teacher Rabbi Larry Hoffman of the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion.  While discussing the tension between being particular (having concern for […]