After School: A Home Away from Home

Clubhouse at the JCC in Squirrel Hill provides the down time that kids need after a long day at school, as well as creative and fun activities and homework support in our nurturing, structured program.

Children from Kindergarten to grade 6 come to their “home away from home” Monday through Friday until 6 pm. Clubhouse takes full advantage of the JCC’s facilities, from tournament sized gyms and heated indoor swimming pools to grade‐appropriate homerooms, art rooms and play rooms in a dedicated area—the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Walking Bus:

“Something that has been a wonderful addition to Clubhouse this year for my family has been the walking bus from Colfax. This is our family’s third year participating in Clubhouse and it is also our third year living in Pittsburgh, having “boomeranged” back to Squirrel Hill after exploring the west coast.  One of the things that helped us decide on moving back to Squirrel Hill was the happy memories that I had of an independent childhood; being able to walk to my friends’ houses as well as “upstreet” regularly.  Teaching my kids how to learn their way around, get a sense for safe decision making as a pedestrian, and letting them appreciate the new things you discover when walking around familiar streets is something that is very important to me.  I was very thankful when the opportunity arose this year to have this be part of my daughter’s daily school life.  After a long day inside and sedentary, I know that this walk is so important for her, though honestly there are days she is not as clear in this knowledge.  After the first week of the school year, she has now transitioned to thinking that the walk from Colfax to the JCC is just normal and familiar.  She is being given the gift of independence, learning how to safely be a pedestrian and watch out for her peers to ensure their safety as well.”

Maggie Feinstein, mother of Anabel Lantzman ( Grade 2)


Clubhouse Registration Packet 2019-20

Clubhouse is supported in part by the Hafner Charitable Foundation through the PNC Charitable Trust Grant Review Committee, Massey Charitable Trust and the Weiner Family Foundation. Additional support is provided by the Curtis & Joelle Krasik and Scott & Laurie Krasik After School Care Fund.

The program includes a diverse group of children who are able to learn from and grow with one another. Our staff fosters the development of friendships as well as teamwork and personal growth, encouraging independence, cooperation and freedom of choice within set limits.

Open to everyone, Clubhouse cultivates an understanding of Jewish cultural heritage through the celebration of Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

• Children are met at their bus stops by Clubhouse staff, checked in and accompanied to their grade‐appropriate homerooms.
• Healthy kosher snacks such as fresh fruit, crackers, yogurt, pita and cereal are immediately offered.
• Children participate in an age appropriate schedule of activities and/or JCC enrichment classes.

Based on parent preferences, children will complete all homework before participating in activities, or may finish homework at home.

Clubhouse is Monday through Friday, from the time school ends until 6 pm. The program begins at the end of the summer when Pittsburgh Public Schools begin and follows local private and public school calendars.

• Science projects such as gak and volcano making
• Gym games such as kickball, GaGa, sports tourneys
• Free swim and pool games
• Robot making
• Kids Choice
• Foosball
• Create Your Own Board Games
• Kids Kitchen no bake cooking
• Outside games

Clubhouse is staffed by caring and creative young adults who get to know
your child and respond to his or her individual interests and needs. All staff are at least 18 years old, with extensive background in child care, child development or human services.

• Tablets to assist with homework
• Activities with outside organizations such as Mad Science, Snapology and Hatch Art Studios at NO ADDITIONAL cost
• Weekly physical education activities with the JCC Sports and Recreation Department for each grade
• Clubhouse Gives Back (community service opportunities)
• STEM projects in partnership with the YMCA
• Color War, Talent Show and an Art Gallery Walk-Through

• Weekly themed Imagination Stations
• Dramatics: Kids create their own puppet show, and participate in storytelling and drama games
• Fun-lympics: fun days with GaGa competitions, cupcake wars, relay races and more

• Weekly Pick-Your Program: Kids pick their activity schedules
with help from their staff members
• Additional gym time
• Late Night Players: Quarterly late stays that include dinner and special activities from 6-7:30 pm.

• First ever chugim (hobby time) choices. Activities can include:
Sports of all sorts, pool games, fashion design, cooking, creative writing, Pinterest-inspired art, science and building, movie making
• Pool parties and games

• Snack Shack: Groups make appetizers, drinks, and dessert for one another while participating in cheers, song sessions, and special activities. This will be similar to J&R’s Lunch in the
Lodge program or EKC Shabbat meals.
• Leadership 101: A wide range of activities designed to strengthen social skills, independence and confidence. Kids will assist with special programming at Clubhouse, participate in a buddy system with the Teen and Young Adult Center for those with special needs, and more.

• Kehillah (community) events that include challah-baking and Jewish holiday celebrations.

  • Colfax K-8
  • Community Day School
  • Environmental Charter School
  • Falk School
  • Ellis School
  • Linden Elementary
  • St. Bede
  • St. Edmund’s Academy
  • Winchester Thurston

Check availability with your children’s school for more information about transportation. JCC membership is required to become a “member” of Clubhouse. Scholarships also are available for those who qualify.

For information about becoming a JCC member, please contact the Membership Office
at 412-697-3520.

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