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Personal Training

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

Working out under the guidance of a personal trainer is motivating and an opportunity to learn the best ways to achieve your goals.

The JCC offers a great many training options for you to choose from. Whether its Personal Training or Small Group Training, we have options to fill your needs.

JCC personal trainers are dedicated fitness experts with years of experience and specialties ranging from personalized routine development and injury prevention to sports conditioning. Our trainers are certified professionals with education across a variety of disciplines including nursing, physical therapy, exercise physiology, athletic training, and several specialized therapies—skills that can match your interests, concerns and needs.

No matter where you are on your wellness journey, the JCC is the best partner you can have to help you achieve your goals! Whatever your goal, we can design a program to help you achieve it. Your trainer will monitor and update your fitness routine as you progress, ensuring that the exercises you perform are done safely and for maximum effectiveness.

Our Personal Training Experts Share Their Wisdom:

We know there are some exercises you hate to do. Learn why they are helpful and how to do them HERE
Read our ongoing Personal Training Tips blog HERE

"Those who say it can't be done are usually passed by those doing it!"
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