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The Philip Chosky Performing Arts Program

The JCC offers classes that explore a variety of dance styles. Classes for school-age children and teens are organized by all levels. Students advance based on their ability to perform given steps. Adult dance classes are appropriate for first-time as well as previous dancers unless a level is specified.

Facilities – Two fully equipped studios:
  • Kaufmann Dance Studio
  • Robinson Dance Studio
Dance Director

Kathy Wayne is a graduate of Point Park College with a B.A. in dance. Her professional credits include Tokyo Disneyland, Caesar’s Atlantic City and many productions with the Pittsburgh Playhouse.


Our goal is to help your child gain poise,
flexibility, strength and an appreciation
for the art of dance.


• Participants must be registered before the first class begins.
• If your child is in Level 3 or above, please call the Director to discuss your child’s placement for this year.

Dance Recital

• Our annual dance recitals are held in May/June.
• Costumes are mandatory for participants in the dance recital and must be purchased by parents in January.
• Students must be registered in January to participate in the dance recital.


For info: Kathy Wayne, 412-339-5414

Dance Styles
Preschool Dance

For our tiniest dancers, in Creative Movement we use imaginative play and musical activities to build strength, flexibility and body awareness, as well as gross motor skills, coordination and posture. A blend of basic dance movement and the use of props and stories make this a fun and rewarding experience.

In Pre-Ballet and Tap, beginning ballet skills and terminology are taught with an emphasis on coordination and musicality. Props and dramatic play help to bring out a dancer’s creative expression.

Dance Styles

Our ballet teaching method is based on the Vaganova, Cecchetti and Royal Academy of Dance syllabi. These classes consist of barre and center floor exercises.

Tap is the ultimate in rhythm training. Rhythm, musicality and sound clarity skills are introduced; each level builds on the previous one. Dancers learn a vocabulary of tap steps that will be used to develop fun and interesting choreography.

Jazz dance incorporates modern dance, dance styles from Broadway musicals and Hollywood movies, and street, folk and popular dance. Students must be at least 7 years old.

This genre of concert dance is a blend of lyrical, modern and postmodern dance, including elements of classical ballet.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop dance includes a wide range of styles such as breaking, locking and popping that it is often freestyle (improvisational).


To register, call 412-697-3526 or online

Preschool Dance
School-Age Classes
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Hip Hop

Dress Code Requirements

Hair must be pulled back in a bun; shorter hair back with a headband.

Ages 3-4
• Pink leotard (no attached skirt)
• Pink tights
• Pink ballet slippers (no foam slippers) required for ballet class
• Black tap shoes required for tap class

Ages 5 and up: any style leotard in the following colors:
• Ballet/Tap Level 1: White leotard
• Ballet/Tap Level 2: Pink Leotard
• Ballet/Tap Level3: Lilac leotard
• Ballet/Tap Level 4: Baby Blue leotard
• Ballet/Tap Level 5: Royal blue leotard
• Ballet/Tap Level 6: Burgundy Leotard
• Ballet/Tap Level 7: Navy Leotard
• Ballet/Tap Level 8: Black leotard
• Black jazz pants are acceptable for jazz and hip hop
• Pink tights for ballet classes
• Ballet slippers (no foam slippers) required for ballet class
• Black tap shoes required for tap class
• Black jazz shoes required for jazz class

• Black jazz pants
• White T-shirt
• Ballet shoes required for ballet class
• Tap shoes required for tap class


Israeli Folk Dancing

Israeli Folk Dancing has both fixed and repeating sets of steps that go with a specific piece of music. The formation of the dance might be a circle, or perhaps couples, or trios or short lines. Dance movements can be quite varied, with roots in the Romanian horo, or perhaps from the Klezmer music and dancing of Eastern European Jews.

Cherie Maharam and Lynn Berman lead a class for beginners and then a dance-by-request session in the Kaufmann Dance Studio.

Thursdays, ongoing, 7:30 pm
$3 suggested donation


Contact Us

Kathy Wayne

Dance Director

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