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Dance With Us!

The JCC offers classes that explore a variety of dance styles. Classes for school-age children and teens are organized by all levels. Students advance based on their ability to perform given steps. Adult dance classes are appropriate for first-time as well as previous dancers unless a level is specified.

Fully equipped dance studio

Kathy Wayne, Dance Director, is a graduate of Point Park College with a B.A. in dance. Her professional credits include Tokyo Disneyland, Caesar’s Atlantic City and many productions with the Pittsburgh Playhouse.

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For Children and Teens:
Dance | Aquatics | Basketball | Sports | Performing Arts

For Adults:
Fitness | Aquatics | Virtual Book Fest | VSA

It’s all here: Fall 2020 Programs – Update 10-16-20

Dance Styles

Preschool Dance
For our tiniest dancers, in Creative Movement we use imaginative play and musical activities to build strength, flexibility and body awareness, as well as gross motor skills, coordination and posture. A blend of basic dance movement and the use of props and stories make this a fun and rewarding experience.

In Pre-Ballet and Tap, beginning ballet skills and terminology are taught with an emphasis on coordination and musicality. Props and dramatic play help to bring out a dancer’s creative expression.

Our ballet teaching method is based on the Vaganova, Cecchetti and Royal Academy of Dance syllabi. These classes consist of barre and center floor exercises.

Tap is the ultimate in rhythm training. Rhythm, musicality and sound clarity skills are introduced; each level builds on the previous one. Dancers learn a vocabulary of tap steps that will be used to develop fun and interesting choreography.

Jazz dance incorporates modern dance, dance styles from Broadway musicals and Hollywood movies, and street, folk and popular dance. Students must be at least 7 years old.

This genre of concert dance is a blend of lyrical, modern and postmodern dance, including elements of classical ballet.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop dance includes a wide range of styles such as breaking, locking and popping that it is often freestyle (improvisational).

Registration for Fall Classes begins in mid-September 2017

Click here to register.

Little Stars 1: age 2½-3
A series of music and creative movement classes that
celebrate your child’s natural ability to move in an expressive way. These weekly 30-minute classes are designed to engage children through group and individual participation, which is vital for early childhood development.
Thursdays, 10:30-11 am
January 10-May 16, $225

Little Stars 2 Creative Movement: ages 3-4
Our tiny dancers will build strength, flexibility and body awareness, as well as gross motor skills, coordination and posture. A blend of basic dance movement and the use of props make this a fun beginner class.
Fridays 3-3:30 pm
January 11-May 17, $225

Shooting Stars Pre-Ballet and Tap: ages 4-5
Beginning tap and ballet skills and terminology are taught with an emphasis on coordination and musicality.
Wednesdays 3:30-4:15 pm
January 9-May 15 , $234

Ballet/Tap 2: ages 6-8
4-5 pm
January 11-May 17, $270

Ballet/Tap 3: ages 6-8
5-6 pm
January 11-May 17, $270

Private Dance Instruction $50/hour; $320/8 one-hour classes
$25/half hour; $175/8 half-hour classes
Duet Dance Lesson
$45/hour; $280/8 one-hour classes
$25/half hour; $160/8 half-hour classes

Boys Tap Too: ages 4-6

A fun beginner all-boys tap dance class. This is a great way to improve rhythm skills and
Wednesdays, 2-2:30 pm
January 9-May 15, $225

Tumble N Dance: ages 4-6
A combination creative movement and tumbling class.
Fridays, 1:30-2pm
January 11-May 17, $225

Beginning Tap
Wednesday,  6-7 pm
January 9-March 13, $90/$100 Community
March 20-May 15, $81/$90 Community

Intermediate Tap
5-6 pm
January 9-March 13, $90/$100 Community
March 20-May 15, $81/$90 Community
Drop-in: $10/member; $14/community

Silver Show Tunes
Silver Show Tunes is part dance class, part fitness class, part performing arts class and all fun!
Fridays, 2-2:50 pm
January 11-February 15
February 22-March 29
Dance Studio
$30/session; $42/session/community

Line Dance
Learn all the popular line dances and a few more in this lively class.
Fridays, 1-2 pm
January 11-March 1
March 8-May 3
No class April 26
$35/session; $48/community
Drop in: $6; $8/community

Contact Us

Kathy Wayne

Dance Director

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