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Why Support the JCC with a Legacy Gift?

At the JCC, we are comprised of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds who choose to be embraced by a bond built upon Jewish values that we all have a hand in helping to nurture and shape.

No matter what initially brings people through our doors, we connect to each other, build enduring bonds and foster Jewish identity. We share our lives, celebrate milestones, and watch generations of children grow. We provide a helping hand, and we look out for people’s wellness to help them preserve their dignity and independence.  We always want to better serve, understand and relate to each other.  Like extended family, we celebrate together, we support each other through life’s challenges, and we create memories together.  We truly embody our central value that we should love our neighbors as ourselves.

Our legacy donors are people just like you who want a vibrant, thriving center of Jewish life that welcomes and embraces all who enter and will enhance the lives of future generations of people throughout the entire community.

Your Legacy gift will ensure that every person who enters the JCC will think to themselves, “This is where I belong!”

Please join us!

Life & Legacy: Linda Simon’s Story 

Leaving a legacy is easy.

A pledge to include the JCC in a planned gift is all that is necessary. Please contact Fara Marcus at 412-339-5413 or [email protected], to learn more. Become a part of our legacy society: Letter of Intent

The JCC Legacy Society provides ongoing appreciation and acknowledgement of people who have named the JCC as a recipient in their estate plan. Additional benefits include recognition in JCC publications and on the JCC website, invitations to special events, and knowing that lasting gifts are important part of sustaining the future of the JCC. 

JCC Legacy Society
The JCC Legacy Society recognizes those individuals and families who
have named the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh in their
estate plans through a documented planned gift.
Anonymous (6)
Debbie and David Baron
Liza and Adam Baron
Beth Israel Center
Charlotte Bluestone*
Arlene and William Brandeis
Victor* Brody
Betsy Levine-Brown and Marc Brown
Sylvia* and Sidney* Busis
Phyllis Davis*
Ada Davis
Stanford Davis*
Robert Davis*
David Dinkin*
Donald and Sylvia Robinson Family Foundation
Norman Ettenson*
Nicole Evoy and Derek Smith
Julie and Josh Farber
Ellie Baker Feldman
Joseph Finkelpearl*
Rachel Firestone and Jason Binder
Eva and Gary Friedman
Ruth and Alan Garfinkel
Ed Gelman
Caryle and Mark* Glosser
Nachum Golan and Stephen Hough
Amy and Bob Gold
Aureen Litt Goldblum*
Edward M. Goldston
Gerry and Harold* Gondelman
Erica and William Goodman
Rita J. Gould*
Cynthia and John Halicky
Joel Hausman
Alex Heit and Harris Blum
Melissa Hiller and Jeffrey Griffin
Ilene and Joel Iskoe
Lynne and Blair Jacobson
Jenny and Chad Jones
Ruth Ann* and Eugene* Klein
Dana and Jason Kunzman
Frieda Lalli
Marilyn and Earl* Latterman
Beverly* and Allen* Lebovitz
Cindy Goodman Leib and Scott Leib
Patty and Stanley Levine
Roslyn Litman*
Fara and Andy Marcus
Elliot Oshry*
Lynn* and Gerald* Ostrow
The Poller Prince Family
Burton Pollock
Rita and David Pollock
Hilary Tyson and Charles Porter
Richard E. Rauh
Carol Robinson and Jeffrey Markel
Mitch Nyer in name of Ruth Nyer
Lori and James S. Ruttenberg
Cathy and Michael Samuels
Ruth and Allan Schachter*
Barbara and Michael Scheinberg
Nina and Robert Schor
Suzanne and Brian Schreiber
Sorietta Silverman*
Linda and Ken Simon
Sylvia Slavkin
Yetta Speiser
Herb Speiser*
Rabbis Barbara and Ron Symons
Stephen Tobe
Lloyd Klein and Judy Vernick
Susan and Robert Weis*
Arlene and Richard Weisman
Annie* and William* F. Wimmer
Leatrice Wolf
John M. Wolf, Sr.*
Martha and John M. Wolf, Jr.



Ensuring our legacy from generation to generation

Endowment funds help provide funding for the JCC and its programs or services in perpetuity. The JCC invites the support of individuals who respect our work, care deeply about the future of our community and are passionate that this commitment endures over time.

Many donors establish endowment funds to honor the memory of a loved one; others choose to establish an endowment during their lifetime so that they can see the results of their generosity. There are many ways to make an endowment gift. Options include an outright contribution, a multi-year pledge, a gift of securities or a bequest.

The JCC offers a number of named tributes to recognize endowment gifts. Please contact Fara Marcus at 412-339-5413 or [email protected] with any questions about making an endowment gift today.

Please choose an endowment:
  • Donald Robinson Art Fund to Support the JCC Gallery Exhibits
  • Gene & Robert Dickman Endowment Fund
  • Ira and Nanette Gordon Curator Enrichment Fund
  • Nancy Bernstein and Robert Schoen Fund
  • Samuel & Libbie Rosenberg Art Exhibit Fund

  • Dr. Paul S. & Gertrude F. Caplan Endowment Fund
  • Lenny Litman Performing Arts Fund
  • Linda & Stanley Bushkoff Family Endowment Fund
  • Rhoda Lee and William Tabachnik Children’s Theatre Fund
  • Stanford & Ada Davis Young People Theater Fund
  • The Lillian and Jack Mervis Fund, Susan Gurrentz, Trustee
  • The Justin Mark Children’s Library of the JCC

  • Jock Rosenberg 30+ Basketball Fund
  • Larry Ruttenberg Endowment Fund
  • Larry Sadja Memorial Fund
  • Phil Cohen Endowment Fund
  • Shapera Endowment Fund
  • The Ace Aizenberg Boys Varsity Team and The Ace Aizenberg Girls Varsity Team

  • The Claire & Vern Reingold EKC Scholarship Fund
  • Dora & Joseph Marcus Camp Scholarship Fund
  • Gladys & Abraham Shore Endowment Camp Fund
  • Harry Pearle Memorial Fund for EKC
  • Irving A. Jaffe & Judith Jaffe Pollock EKC Scholarship Fund
  • Kenny Silverblatt Memorial Fund for EKC
  • Max & Gussie Shore Children’s Scholarship Fund
  • Melanie Scheinberg EKC Scholarship Fund
  • Ricky Lebovitz EKC Scholarship Fund
  • Sally & Fred Rock Family Fund
  • Steven G. Oswald Endowment Fund

  • Abe Robin Memorial Fund
  • Anne Unger Greenberg Fund
  • Jack and Esther Bergman Fund
  • Marvin “Bunder” Stein Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Robert & Marlene Zukerman Health Club Endowment Fund
  • Samuel N. & Yetta Frishman Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Shirley & Harold Robinson Endowment Fund for Health Center Upgrades
  • The Gary L. Kress Fund

  • Curtis & Joelle Krasik and Scott & Laurie Krasik After School Care Fund
  • David Perelman Substance Abuse Fund
  • Klee College Scholarships
  • The Kleinerman Fund

  • Edna & Larry Abelson Fund for Special Needs
  • Jacob & Bertha Dickman Child Care Fund
  • Louise & Sam Roth Family Fund
  • Marilyn Kramer Memorial Fund
  • Signey L. Lifsher Memorial Fund

  • Bud Wechsler/”Doc” Greene Geriatric Wellness Fund
  • Howard Guttman Cardiovascular Program
  • Jack Morris Endowment Fund for JCC Aquatics
  • Joel M. Alcoff Endowment Fund
  • Lubisch Family Wellness Fund
  • Marsha W. & Alan D. Bramowitz Fund

  • Earl Latterman Family Fund
  • Hausman Family Endowment Fund
  • Ilene & James Ross Fund
  • Jean R. Goldstein Educational, Cultural and Religious Fund
  • Josephine & Solomon Rudkin Memorial Fund
  • Tamara and Leonard Skirboll Endowment Fund

  • Arlene & Richard Weisman Family Fund
  • Aviraz-Rosenfeld Family Israel Enrichment Fund
  • Ginsberg Family Fund for Children’s Judaic Programs
  • Linda & Barton R. Schachter Family Endowment Fund
  • Ruth G. & Allan B. Schachter Israel Study Fund

  • Fred Hoffman Maccabi Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Joel Sigal Maccabi Fund

  • Allan & Rose Smith Memorial Fund
  • Arnold Ryave Men’s Health Center Memorial Fund
  • George I. Teplitz Youth Endowment Fund
  • Gertrude & Meyer Spiro Endowment Fund
  • Isadore Gerber Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Kirshner/Paradise EKC Scholarship Fund
  • Mark & Caryle Glosser Endowment Fund
  • Sam B. Morris Membership Fund
  • Stewart Smith Fund
  • Suzanne F. Bender Memorial Membership Fund
  • William Ostrow & Goldie Ostrow Endowment Fund

  • Isabel Soltz Shiflet Senior Adult Endowment Fund
  • Jack L. Friedman Memorial Scholarship Fund for Senior Adult Activities
  • Jackie Unger Memorial Fund
  • Loren R. Hirsch Memorial Bereavement Fund
  • Samuel N. & Yeta Frishman Memorial Endowment Fund

  • Ralph Davidson Special Needs Fund
  • Sayre and Edith Scheiner Memorial Fund
  • Zola Hirsch Fund for Special Needs

  • Ida & Samuel Latterman Volunteer Mitzvah Award Fund
  • Lillian Goldstein Senior Adult Volunteer Leadership Award
  • Shirley Gordon Early Childhood Staff Recognition Award

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