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Capital Projects

Reimagining the JCC: Our Master Plan 

Nurturing People, Living Values, Strengthening Community

The JCC is the most visible, diverse and utilized organization under Jewish auspices in our region—serving people from all walks of life seven days a week, nearly 365 days a year.
At our core, we embrace the potential of people and community to grow and prosper. We are an enterprise in constant motion, evolving from generations past and changing each day with the future in mind.
We have experienced an unprecedented level of growth and scope of operations. We recorded 1.3 million visits in 2016—three times the number 30 years ago— representing members, guests, clients and community partners from all backgrounds, lifestyles, ages, incomes and abilities. We are far more than a membership organization, with more than 200 active partnerships in place and scores of activities open to the public at large.
Our facilities are our stage—the physical platform where we nurture people, live our values and strengthen community. They were constructed in a different era, when the JCC served fewer people and the needs of our stakeholders were less complex. As our vision and operations progress, we want our facilities to:
1) Embrace community needs at our current scale and future aspirations
2) Foster excellence in how we serve people each day
3) Support new opportunities to deliver services and build comparative advantage, and
4) Address complex realities of today’s regulatory and security environment

Please contact us using the form below or at 412-697-3510 with any questions about making a capital gift today.

Capital Projects + Needs

This project encompasses a complete, floor to ceiling, interior and exterior reconstruction of our most heavily utilized public space spanning from Forbes Avenue to Darlington Road. The redesign meets current usage needs and introduces a contemporary physical layout that maximizes ways public space scan be used to encourage human connections. The project scope includes improved access for individuals with physical challenges, revitalized community meeting spaces, gallery renovation for the American Jewish Museum, and installation of enegy-efficient lighting and heating/cooling infrastructure. The project includes a redesign of access control systems at both street entrances to balance our responsibility to serve a broad public within a more secure setting.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Accommodating growth of public space with use of a “neighborhood” feel.
  • Enhancing security access controls and overall safety of public facility.
  • Improving access for people with physical challenges.


Our day camp tradition began at the 100-acre Monroeville
Family Park, an irreplaceable asset that positively impacts the physical, social and emotional development of children. The Family Park facility provides a secure environment to foster self discovery and a connection to nature. Facility improvements would allow increased sports and recreation specialties and enhance one of Pittsburgh’s largest outdoor aquatic centers. This project incorporates the goal of creating a carbon-neutral footprint through our organic farm and energy sustainability projects to make a living laboratory for children to learn how to safeguard the earth.

Expected Outcomes:

• Improving facility for program excellence
• Increasing capacity of day camp through specialization
differentiated by age group
• Maximizing the environmental character of the facility
• Creating a carbon-neutral campus

Accelerated infrastructure
replacement is good for our environment, good for our
constituents, and allows us to
spend more resources serving
people than paying
energy bills. This strategy
continues energy efficiency infrastructure projects at all
five JCC facilities—from lighting to heating/cooling systems to hot water heaters
to roofing to many small projects that will help us further reduce our carbon
footprint. Projects we have already implemented have reduced energy
consumption by up to 15% while freeing up program space by almost 15,000
square feet. The JCC has identified an additional 20 projects, large and small, that
are estimated to decrease energy consumption by up to an additional 15% if fully
implemented. Energy consumption could be reduced even further if the
Monroeville Family Park is converted to a carbon-neutral facility.

Expected Outcomes:

• Contributing to the Pittsburgh region’s energy reduction and
green initiatives effort
• Achieving projected reduction of electric and gas usage agency-wide
• Utilizing anticipated energy savings to help fund agency scholarship program


New offerings in robotics, gymnastics and dance are a starting point to providing
opportunities for campers to fully experience their areas of personal interest—artistically, physically, spiritually and intellectually.  This project also encompasses constructing new living accommodations.

This project involves physical and programmatic transformation of our cove at Cheat Lake that would expand our beach, dredge the cove, relocate boat docks away from children’s play areas, and add new water activities at the lake.



Conceived after experiencing a 25% surge of usage in JCC
fitness facilities over the past
decade, this project will take
our commitment to our constituents’ physical and spiritual well-being to the year 2022 and beyond. The expansion of fitness and wellness zones in Squirrel Hill and South Hills will add more adaptable and versatile equipment, expand youth wellness opportunities,enhance space for nationally recognized evidenced-based programs for adults of various life stages, and incorporate the potential expansion of rehabilitation and other health services.

Expected Outcomes:

• Reinvigorating a best-practice wellness facility for all ages and abilities
• Integrating emerging technologies to support holistic health
• Growing wellness impact for targeted populations (youth, older adults, etc.)

Our South Hills branch has grown in its 18 years of operation and now
serves nearly 250 children. We look to enrich the indoor and outdoor environment where our youngest citizens learn and thrive. A desired update of the preschool wing would greatly benefit our emerging Reggio Emilia child-inspired philosophy of early learning exploration and discovery. The proposed project broadens the impact of our learning/play environment to our nine-acre outdoor site to enrich recreational and nature opportunities.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Fostering execellence in child development programs.
  • Updating facility to current and future needs.
  • Adapting constructivist educational philosophy to design elements of the facility.


This project implements technology solutions that enhance the customer experience through a salesforce platform that simplifies online registrations, supports data intelligence and analytics, and minimizes redundancies to both the customer and our staff. Planned technological innovations will also enrich online/mobile capabilities for customers and growing digital/social media capacities to streamline communication. An additional and critical component of this technology is an upgraded security access control system that helps us integrate increased community use of our facilities within a more secure environment.

Expected Outcomes:

• Moving the locus of technology from administrative to customer focused
• Facilitating a data-driven culture to better understand customer and community needs
• Improving access controls and overall safety of public facility
• Eliminating internal redundancies to deploy more resources towards services

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