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Leadership Programs/ Opportunities
The Second Floor Teen Board: grades 9-12

Chris Herman, [email protected]

Composed of passionate teen leaders (this could be you!), The Second Floor Teen Board guides the JCC’s Second Floor teen programming and community involvement through creating events, collaborating with other community student organizations, and planning engagement strategies. The board meets once a month on the Second Floor from September to May. The teen board is responsible for planning a teen community event each semester that will bring teens from across the Pittsburgh Jewish community together in a fun and dynamic way. If you are interested in developing as a leader, join one of the program’s community leadership teams.

Diller Teen Fellowship
Diller Teen Fellowship: grades 10-11

Stephanie Aaronson, [email protected] /instagram:dillerpittsburgh

The Diller Teen Fellows Program is Pittsburgh’s premier leadership development program. Twenty students are selected and participate for a year with the purpose of developing active, effective leaders with a strong commitment to the Jewish people.

For more information about Diller please click here.

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