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Register for JCC Programs:

  • Fill out the secure form:

  • Stop by:
    Squirrel Hill (Centerfit Desk)
    South Hills (Front Desk)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone:
    Squirrel Hill: 412-697-3522
    South Hills: 412-278-1975


Sign Up for Group Exercise Classes:

  • Sign up on MINDBODY:
  • Other ways to sign up for classes in advance – stop by or call:
    Squirrel Hill: Concierge Desk – 412-697-3544
    South Hills: Front Desk – 412-278-1975

Before getting started, please read these easy step-by-step instructions:

  1. Email Address: The email address you have entered into your membership at the JCC must match the email address you use to schedule your class on MINDBODY. If you are unsure which email you have on file or need to update your email, call or stop by:
    Squirrel Hill: Stop by or call Membership office at 412-697-3522 or the Concierge Desk at 412-697-3544
    South Hills: Stop by the Front Desk or call 412-278-1975
  2. Membership Type: If you are a Platinum Member, Group Exercise classes are included in your membership and no additional purchase is necessary. Go ahead and begin scheduling your classes on MINDBODY.
    If you are a Squirrel Hill General Member, please call the Concierge desk at 412-697-3544 to purchase your Group Exercise class or package for pre-booking only.*
    South Hills General Members should call the South Hills Front Desk to obtain a complimentary pass for group ex classes that are included in the membership. South Hills General Members will have to purchase passes for Yoga, TRX and Boot Camp.
  3. Navigate to or download the app on your smartphone. Follow registration instructions to create an account with your email and password. Once you have downloaded the app, check your email and respond to the email that asks you to verify the email address and account.
  4. Search for JCCPGH, choose location (Squirrel Hill or South Hills), and then choose “View Schedule.” After reviewing schedule, click “Book” to attend the class of your choice. MINDBODY will recognize that you have class passes available and schedule the class. In the event you need to purchase more classes, please call the numbers listed above to purchase the class.

*Note: If you attend a Group Exercise class as a General Member without pre-booking, your credit card on file will be charged the cost of one class as in past policies.
For South Hills members, this will be the case only for 
the following: Boot Camp, Yoga and TRX. While everyone should pre-register, there is no cost for most classes even if someone doesn’t pre-register.

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