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Teen Philanthropy


Calling all Jewish high-schoolers!


  • The Samuel M. Goldston Teen Philanthropy Project is a program for 9th-12th graders, focused on philanthropy, social justice, and volunteerism intheory and practice. Together, a cohort of approximately twenty teens ill explore philanthropy and social justice as Jewish concepts under the umbrella of tikkun olam—world repair. Together they will:
    participate in monthly Sunday-afternoon workshops
  • attend one overnight retreat
  • aidentify problems in their community/communities
  • engage with local non-profits to learn about non-profit management and development
  • contribute, allocate, and fundraise for local non-profits
  • learn how philanthropy and social justice are important Jewishvalues
  • meet, learn, and interact with their peers
  • learn how to be a leader in their communities

Tentative Schedule of Events, 2021-2022

Sunday, 10/3 2-5pm
Saturday, 10/23 7.30-9pm
Sunday, 11/21 2-5pm
Sunday, 12/12 2-5pm
Sunday, 1/16 2-5pm
Sunday, 2/13 2-5pm
Saturday, 3/27-Sunday 3/28 7.45pm-2.00pm
April, exact dates TBD J-Serve events
Sunday, 5/1 3-5pm, graduation

There is a $250.00 fee to participate & a $150.00 fundraising commitment. (Financial aid may be available.)

For more information and instructions on how to apply, please email Maria Carson at [email protected] or text/call 630-740-5398.

Goldston – Looking for Change-Makers

Contributions are matched through a generous grant from Edward and Linda Goldston (z’l) in memory of their son, Samuel.

Contact Dr. Maria Carson, Director of Teen Leadership

General Contact- Samuel M. Goldston Teen Philanthopy

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