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Recipe Makeover - Rosh Hashanah Edition

With the holiday season upon us, it’s easy to let loose and celebrate with loved ones and food. Lots and lots of food! While it's healthy to make ex...
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The Jewish Holidays are LATE this Year

Yes, the holidays are late this year...but they are coming. It is the middle of September and I have yet to dunk one piece of apple in a bowl of ho...
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Carolyn Martin: 50 Years at the JCC and Counting

Here's an extraordinary story: JCC staff member Carolyn Martin is celebrating 50 years at JCC. Ask Carolyn if things have changed, and she’ll re...
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Nutrition Classes Will Promote Healthy Lifestyle

Hello! And Welcome! I’m Brittany Reese, a registered dietitian, personal trainer, group exercise instructor and food lover. I am excited to start...
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