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NEW: Spartan Comes to the South Hills

Posted by Steve Manns on January 15, 2018
Live Awesome!

Swinging, Climbing, Jumping, Running…. 

Individually, these are all fun pursuits. Put them all together in one sport and you’ll have real excitement!

Obstacle course racing has taken the sports world by storm, and the industry leader is Spartan Race.  With 100+ Kid Races, and Teen and Adult events of various distance levels ranging from 3 to 26+ miles offered nationwide, there is a goal for everyone in the family to work towards.

Steve Manns

Now you can ALL focus your training right here at the JCC under the direction of an experienced coach and athlete.  I am a level 2 SpartanSGX coach and have worked with the company for 4 years in various capacities.  I have raced elite, was in the top 150 males elite Spartan athletes in 2013 and 2014, and my crowning accomplishment has been complete the marathon distance Spartan Ultrabeast at the Killington Ski Resort in 2014.

What is Spartan?  Spartan Training is more than just a series of fitness classes…it’s a state of mind!  Each class structure works as part of a whole unit and has a unique approach of pushing minds and bodies to their limits while developing community, encouraging grit and forging character.

There are three avenues to develop your inner Spartan: Spartan Edge (for families of children ages 5-12), Spartan SGX and Spartan Strong (for teens and adults), ALL of which will be offered on Everybody Day, January 21, which kicks off our JCC Member Appreciation week.

How does this make us different?  We will be one of the first gyms nationally to offer all three of these programs under one roof and the ONLY facility to offer the SpartanEdge K-5 program with the designer of the curriculum as instructor.

Why is this a good fit for the JCC? 

Spartan Training offers a series of presentations and formats that are uniquely scaled for a wide audience of individuals of varying ages and capabilities.  Therefore, any portion of the entire program is able to be used by members of the JCC.

Athletes are encouraged to think not just about WHAT they are doing, but WHY and HOW it will benefit them under racing conditions. These programs integrate The Seven Pillars of Spartan: Stamina, Power, Attitude, Readiness, Tenacity, Athleticism, and Nutrition into each presentation and are very compatible with our Jewish Values of Respect, Kindness, Character and Community.

Using these as guideposts for workouts and changes in lifestyle, the program has a thematic consistency of attitude that can transfer from the gym to other areas of life such as work and home.  Spartan addresses all these in order to “Build Better Humans” who have the tools necessary to manage, control, and master even the most daunting challenges on and off the course!

Let’s get set and GO into 2018!  AROO!

Spartan Classes at the South Hills JCC
To register: Stop by the Front Desk or call 412-278-1975

Spartan Strong: Conquer mental and physical challenges in this group workout inspired by Spartan Race.
Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:30 am
Spartan Edge Family: Obstacle course training for the whole family!
Sundays, 11am-12:30 pm
Spartan SGX Training: Ten weeks of intense training to prepare you for the ultimate physical test, the Spartan Race!
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:15- 7:15 pm
Weekend Warrior Training: A 90-minute session to prepare you for your first or 100th obstacle course race.
Sundays, 4-5:30 pm

Steve Manns is Fitness Coordinator at the JCC South Hills. What to learn more about Spartan and all of our fitness programs? Call Steve at 412-278-1783 or fill out the form below and he’ll get back to you shortly!

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