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Who is The Greatest JCC Basketball Player Ever?

Posted by Todd Smith on March 2, 2016

Two years ago, Arthur Pitt, my Harry B Davis Coach growing up, sparked the greatest JCC Basketball (Facebook) debate ever. 681 comments by former players, coaches and kids who grew up at the JCC.

Who is the best basketball player ever from the Squirrel Hill neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Dan Florian Jimmy Wedner Josh Marks Jordan A. Marks (sorry Jordy), Joshua Schachter, or Freddy Rabner?

What started out as a simple question turned into a soundboard for everybody to share their experience about playing basketball at the JCC. I think Mark Pattis, the current Sports and Recreational Program Coordinator summed it up best:

Facebook comment

For the next generation of JCC Basketball players out there, consider this JCC Basketball History 101.

Click here to read all the Facebook responses

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