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Dealing with Stress

Posted by JCC Pittsburgh on July 10, 2015

Are you stressed-out and too busy to notice? If you feel like you’re always rushed, never get a break, don’t have enough time, and are dissatisfied with your relationships, chances are you’re stressed. Stress has become so normal that most people don’t even recognize it. Stress can manifest as physical symptoms, such as stomach aches and chest or back pains. Though people often believe they’re too busy to reduce their stress level, it’s important and possible to practice stress management.
1. SLOW DOWN – Whatever you’re doing-whether you’re combing your hair or taking a walk- just slow down and pay more attention to what you’re doing. Decelerating the pace of everyday activities is the easiest way to relieve stress.
2. BREATHE DEEPLY – When people are stressed they tend to breathe tensely and shallowly. Slowing down and breathing more deeply can “reset” your nervous system, producing a sense of calm.
3. PRACTICE GRATITUDE – Think of things you’re grateful for. Think positive, not negative. Expressing gratitude can have multiple benefits, including improved mood and better physical health.

“The present is what slips by us while we’re worrying about the future.”
—Patti Sciulli, Group Exercise and Wellness Director

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