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Squirrel Hill Night Market is Big Hit!

Posted by Todd Smith on August 26, 2015

Destination Awesome: Squirrel Hill Night Market

Where will you be Saturday night?

We’re heading around the corner from the JCC for a new community event: The Squirrel Hill Night Market.

Located on Murray Avenue, between Forbes and Bartlett Streets, the first Squirrel Hill Night Market will be Saturday, August 29, from 6-10 pm.

The Squirrel Hill Night Market will feature some of the city’s best shopping, music, food, art and fun. This “open street” model will allow for a leisurely night out enjoying the best that our city has to offer, under the stars, and with good friends, and right in our neighborhood.

The event is made possible by NextGen:Pgh, in association with I Made It! Market, the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition and Uncover Squirrel Hill.

The next Squirrel Hill Night Market will be September 26, from 6-10 pm.

For updates and awesome articles, make to sure to Like the Squirrel Hill Night Market Fan Page. Also, check out the NextGen:Pgh website to learn more about their vision for community engagement and economic development.

(Featured image originally found on Squirrel Hill Night Market Fan Page)


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