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Posted by Annie Schroeder on March 29, 2022

In our new Spotlight blog,  we will be highlighting some of our lovely JCC members, community, and their amazing stories.

Billy Carney – “B’man”

Being inclusive and welcoming to people of all abilities is at the forefront of what we do.

Seventeen-year-old Bill Carney, better known as B’man, has cerebral palsy.

B’man and his family moved to Pittsburgh four years ago to get medical attention after complications stemming from one of many surgeries.

His mother, Bethany Carney, took a leap of faith soon after her husband had passed away to move the family to Pittsburgh to help the Bman get the help he needed.

Fast forward a few years, Bethany met JCC member Eric Kroll who brought them to the facility for a workout.

‘I just absolutely love this place and everyone has been so friendly and so wonderful to us,’ Bethany Carney said.

The family brought the B’man around the workout area, where he was able to use a few pieces of equipment.

‘He drove around the entire place, wanted to pull the fire alarm, worked out with his twin and even took a piece of equipment for a spin!!! He was so proud of himself… kept telling his brother to “Look!!! It was awesome to see his reaction – he didn’t startle at all when I put him on there and then was fascinated watching his legs move… How amazing would it be if this provided the ​motivation he needed to start using his legs?’ Bethany said.

Bethany has been working with the staff here at the JCC to see if the B’man will be able to use our facilities whenever they would like. B’man, Bethany,and Eric are just some of the people here at the JCC who make our community so wonderful.

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