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Sherree Hall’s Silver Anniversary

Posted by Todd Smith on September 2, 2015

This year marks the Silver Anniversary (25 years) that Sherree Hall has been part of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh. At the Annual Meeting September 9, we will recognize her continuing impact here at the JCC.

Sherri began working at the JCC about the same time I started attending as a kid. I remember her tiny office in the Kaufmann gym, where my friends and I spent a formidable part of our childhood. For many years, Sherree had the unfortunate privilege of reminding us regularly that the gym was for everyone, and that we had to wait our turn patiently to use it. To her credit, she did a great job enforcing a bunch of rule-less kids.

I recently rejoined the JCC, this time as an employee. Sherree was one of the first people I bumped into on my first day. I had no idea she was still an employee here. I complimented Sheree’s agelessness; she reminded me how much grey hair I have.

In a world where fewer and fewer folks stay with one company for long periods of time, Sherree’s longevity at the JCC speaks volumes of what it means to be “JCC.” She is a pillar in the community here. I have no doubt that we will be seeing her for many annual meetings to come.

Are you coming to the Annual Meeting? Make sure to RSVP on Eventbrite.

Eventbrite - JCC 120th Annual Meeting


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