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Performing Arts Camp 2020: Showcase

Posted by Kathy Wayne on July 24, 2020

Resilient and Resourceful: Our young actors learned, created and grew as they adapted during the Covid19 pandemic.

Message from Kathy: Performing Arts Camp( PAC ). What does it mean to so many creative kids at the JCC?

It means connecting with old friends, it means making new friends, it means creating something together, learning how to express oneself in a positive safe environment while being encouraged by your directors and peers. It means including and acceptance for everyone and being a part of a family. And this year it also means being resilient and resourceful.

When Covid 19 forced so many events to be canceled or postponed, PAC was very much in question.

Performance cancellations have affected many arts programs across the country.

But artists are innovative and imaginative. This year our young actors and amazing staff adapted quickly to the new normal and held true to the saying “The show must go on.”

PAC 2020 was going to be very different than anything we had ever done before.

Daily screenings, limited number of campers in 4 small groups, frequent handwashing, and facial masks worn by everyone at all times made it safe and possible for us to do what we love.

The groups rotated between dance technique, music, acting technique, choreography and scene work. Singing would be outside; dancing would be with 6’ apart in measured boxes.

Then there was the PAC 2020 Showcase itself.

We would not be able to have a live performance but instead each group filmed monologues, scenes, dances and songs that were made into a video.

We were nervous about our ability to provide the same quality of camp, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences we have had so far at PAC.

Everyone seemed to enjoy this year’s edition of PAC very much, especially under the challenging circumstances.

Here is what our campers had to say…

And the kids called it “lemonade.”

Blue Group

Ava C: I loved learning a variety of songs and dances, and got to work on my acting throughout camp.

Rebekah R: I liked being able to focus all my energy into myself and my performances. I feel that it helped me grow more.

Hannah C: I liked being in a smaller group of people.

Ava S: I finally found myself talking to people I don’t know comfortably. I also think my dancing has improved tenfold, which is what I wanted to get out of this experience.

Julia G: I really liked making friends, and all of my classes were super fun.

Isabel D: I like doing all the different musicals and dances in different styles and time periods.

Red Group

Phineas H: I liked performing dances from different musicals.

Seal A: It was so fun to be in such a tight knit group, with such friendly people. Revolting Children and Can’t Help Falling in Love were the most fun to work on.

Eli R: I really like how everybody in our group became very close by the end. I really think I improved this year at PAC.

Daphne M: PAC was different, but fun. The one on one environment was great for learning new things.

Mia B: It was great to work in small groups so we could all individually improve.

Aliza S: I have really loved learning all the songs and dances. I also really loved doing scenes with my group.

Leah H: We got a lot of attention this year, specifically with technique and skills. This improved our acting, dancing and singing. We got really close with our groups.

Akiva W: Although we did not do a show, this was one of my favorite theater experiences.

Oren G: The experience and friendships were valuable and fun.

Purple Group

Sierra C: Camp was amazing. I loved my group, and the time here was meaningful. Rotations, and keeping up with the sanitizing song were great. The counselors were the best!

Layla F: Camp was awesome this year! I really liked my group too!

Marcelle M: I love making new friends and my group is great. The dances and scenes were fun to learn.

Lenna B: I liked all of the activities we did this year, and being in small groups. I also liked having music, scene and choreography all in one class.

Joanna R: I like the performance class and the small groups.

Sarita D: I think that PAC this year was super fun and I liked the small groups. My group was really great and I feel like we all bonded. I made new friends and reconnected with old ones during camp.

Green Group

Jessica L: The dances we learned were really fun, and so were the challenges we did.

Sammy T: I think camp was fun because I got to hang out with my friends. I also got to work on everything we’d normally do, except in small groups. Even though camp was different, I still thought it was very memorable.

Zoe F: I like how we were exposed to materials from different shows, as opposed to learning just one musical. I thought all of the counselors and staff, were awesome.

Jordan B: I liked being in smaller groups, and participating in workshops that allowed us to grow as actors.

Lehv S: Camp was great! Although it had its twists and turns, my group and counselors were always there.

Nathan A: Camp is great. I was able to challenge myself by acting as Spongebob characters in our new dance number, as well as other songs. I loved being able to sing songs from different musicals.

We sang:

We Danced

Seen at Camp

2020 Showcase Production Staff

Scene Director – Delilah Picart

Music Director – Chris Catone

Choreographer – Kathy Wayne

Dance Technique – Sarah Kennedy

Acting Technique – Cassidy Cooper

Assistant Choreographers – Lauren Haffner, Annie Mihm

Assistant  to Scene Director – Hannah Seeley

Assistant  to Acting Specialist – Emily Bassett

Assistant to Music Director – Leanna Heyl






Solos and a Duet


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