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“Next Steps” Program is Part of the Wellness Continuum at the JCC

Posted by Roberta Levine on June 12, 2017

Completing physical therapy isn’t the end of an individual’s journey back to wholeness. For many making a full recovery from an injury or surgery, it’s just the beginning.

The JCC’s Next Steps, a post-rehabilitation program, is designed to help in that transition from physical therapy to long-term fitness and wellness through working with uniquely qualified Personal Trainers, says Jason Stowell, Fitness and Wellness

“We’re able to immediately bridge with Physical Therapy. We have very knowledgeable Personal Trainers, many of whom are in school to become Physical Therapists, where they gain much deeper understanding of mechanisms,” Stowell says.  “These ‘students’ are ideally suited Trainers who can fill in the gap of need.”

Programs like Next Steps are rare in the U.S. The JCC’s program grew out of a unique confluence of skills, services and facilities. Just steps away from JCC Centerfit is PT @ the JCC, the Jewish Association on Aging’s Physical Therapy office, which closely partners with the JCC.

Scott Rosen, PT, DPT, PT @ the JCC Clinic Director and Physical Therapist, says his clinic is “able to utilize the JCC’s state-of the-art fitness and aquatic center to help any physical therapy patient meet his or her goals.” The JCC’s many pieces of adaptable fitness equipment and accessible facilities are available to meet the unique needs of members along the entire wellness continuum, from Physical Therapy, through Next Steps and Personal Training.

For Yijen Wu, a radiologist who had surgery for a torn meniscus late last year, workouts with JCC Personal Trainer Paula McCorkle are an important part of her full recovery.  “Physical Therapy worked on my injuries,” Wu says. When that ended—based on medical need–she still wasn’t back to her old self. “I feel like I need to work on my whole body – developing a strong core and arm strength,” she says. Her goal: a half marathon. With Next Steps, she’s on her way there.

Questions about Next Steps? Please fill out the Contact form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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