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New Equipment: Connecting You to New Challenges!

Posted by Laurie Wood on June 22, 2018

Our new equipment is, of course, state-of-the-art, but these latest additions also bring a new dimension and many new possibilities to your workouts: Connection.

Some of our new equipment is in line with the fitness trend for HIIT Classes/ Interval Training, with equipment that lets the user change the intensity of their workout quickly without having to make a lot of adjustments to the machine.

First, let’s talk technology. Our new Precor Treadmills (look for the ones with the black screen panel) now connect to Wi-fi, which opens up a whole new world of viewing, classes, web browsing, JCC updates…you name it.

Members can now connect wirelessly to our new machines, create an account to set goals, connect to Bluetooth headphones and even watch Netflix (did I mention the machine will connect you to your Netflix using Bluetooth and a 4 digit code?). If you need help to get started, please don’t hesitate to ask!

To support this, we have made significant and much needed improvements to our Wi-fI environment in Centerfit!

Our new Expresso Bikes have Live Classes that change weekly and offer expert tips and motivation on your schedule.

On the topic of what’s new is old (with a new focus on HIIT), we’ve added a self-powered treadmill and bike by Assault Air and ordered 2 treadmills specific for intervals or HIIT training – you can press one button to change your speed and, in this era of too-many-distractions, there are no distractions!

And for those members who were missing the second Scifit Seated Elliptical, we now have 2 brand new REXs and a new total body upper body ergometer/bike combo.

In total, 23 machines were delivered earlier this week. The JCC is committed to ongoing upgrades to your exercise experience!

I would be happy to assist you in setting up your account or helping you operate any of the new machines!  Please ask me or any fitness staff member for help getting started.

And be sure to join us in keeping the JCC #1 by participating in the 100 Days of Summer Fitness Challenge. 

Questions? Contact Laurie and she’ll get back to you shortly:

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