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Mid-Year Check-In

Posted by Brittany Reese on July 20, 2018

We are already halfway through 2018!

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Have you completely forgotten them or just haven’t had the time to start yet? If you’ve stalled with your goals or haven’t reached them, no worries. We still have 6 months left in 2018 to conquer them! Below are some tips on how to refocus and accomplish more in 2018 than previously thought:

  1. Assess those goals. You made these goals 6 months ago—things may have changed since then. What goals can you check off, which ones are in progress, and which ones haven’t been tackled yet? It is important during this assessment to accept where you are. Perhaps you’ve had major life events happen that hindered your progress or focused your energies elsewhere. It is okay to change, modify, or eliminate the goals you made at the beginning of the year. Goals should be attainable and if they are no longer, then set yourself up for success by making goals that can be achieved! Remember your SMART goals! Don’t forget to celebrate the goals that you have accomplished already.
    Break it down. It may be useful to cut those goals into smaller chunks. It hard to stay motivated for something that may take you 6 months to accomplish. Breaking up that goal in smaller chunks that you can achieve faster and be able to reap some rewards can be very motivating.
  2. Set some rewards: Now that you’ve established the new goals that you want to accomplish the second half of the year, let’s set some rewards for them. Rewarding yourself for meeting goals and being able to visualize those goals can help us to achieve them. For example, if you can meet your
    1-month weight loss goal your reward could be to pick out a new outfit.
  3. Plan! You might be tired of me saying how important planning is, especially with weight loss and fitness goals. But I don’t think this step can be emphasized enough. So, whatever your goals are, how are you going to achieve them? If you want to run a half marathon in the fall, when are you going to train and for how many miles? There are wonderful resources online on how to prepare and plan out meals for the week. Or you can always meet with some our dedicated personal trainers and dietitians to help you meet those goals!
  4. DO IT! Get out there are start making strides towards those goals. There is no better time than now!
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Brittany Reese is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, group exercise instructor and food lover. Do you have questions or comments? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you very soon.

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