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JCC Staff Reflection in Commemoration of October 27, 2018 – One Year Later

Posted by JCC Pittsburgh on October 28, 2019

At 5:30 am this morning, we reopened our doors with renewed commitment to live up to our mission — for you, for our neighbors and for our community.

From last October 27 until this October 27, we strived to live up to our mission:

  • We nurtured people with hugs and kisses and hugs and hugs and hugs… with puppy love and handshakes and listening ears and careful eye contact when there were no words. We nurtured ourselves among each other even as we nurtured others.
  • We connected community by being the place where people came first and kept on coming to be connected with the Salvation Army, the FBI, The American Red Cross, the Israel Trauma Center, Jewish Family and Community Services, the Center for Victims and so many other helpers from around the city, the region, the state, the country and the world.
  • We did it each day from 9:50 on the morning on October 27 until this very moment (and beyond), coming early and staying late without concern for the day of the week or the added responsibilities we embraced.
  • We served every age from our youngest to our oldest no matter their background or faith, their skin tone or their profession, their zip code or their membership.  All are neighbors.
  • We were inspired by the Jewish values that teach that when a neighbor is in need, whether you know that neighbor or not, whether you like that neighbor or not, you are required to help and not turn away from the need.

From this October 28 until the next October 27, we remain dedicated to live up to our mission:

  • We will continue to nurture people with a renewed commitment to knowing them as individuals and seeing them face to face in all of their comings and goings.
  • We will continue to connect community in this town square that is the JCC, refurbished physically and spiritually.
  • We will do it each day as is our norm, 365 days a year, no matter the weather nor circumstances.
  • We will serve every age understanding that the realities of Pittsburgh 2019 both mirror and extend beyond the realities of those who came before us and those who will come after us.
  • We will be inspired by Jewish values even when we are hesitant, heeding Moses’ words to Joshua, “chazak v’amatz – be strong and courageous” as we move from the wanderings of this year into the promises of the year to come.

Mission of the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh

Nurturing People
Connecting Community
Each Day
Through Every Age
Inspired By Jewish Values

We will be strong and courageous.

Prepared by Rabbi Ron Symons, Founding Director of the JCC’s Center for Loving Kindness, on behalf of JCC PGH staff

Watch: WTAE Action News – JCC Focusing on Community Healing

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