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Four Questions About…Specialty Camps!

Posted by Meredith Brown, JCC Specialty Camps Director on April 25, 2016

With my favorite holiday, Passover, just around the corner, I can’t help but thinking about when I was the youngest child at our family Seder and would have the opportunity to ask the Four Questions.

The Four Questions, traditionally recited by the youngest person at the table, highlight the ways in which Passover customs and foods distinguish the holiday from other times of the year. Although they are called “The Four Questions,” they really are one question — “Why is this night different from all other nights?” — with four answers.

What makes something special is a great question. Naturally, as director of the JCC’s Specialty Camps, I thought I could put a little spin on the traditional Four Questions to ask what makes our Specialty Camps so special.

JCC Specialty Camps provide campers with unique, focused experiences in a variety of program areas. There are new opportunities to engage, create, and have fun. Expert instructors and energetic staff help children to explore new interests and gain knowledge and skills.

So, what really makes these camps special?

  1. Specialty Camps provide customized experiences. Families can choose from more than 20 exciting one-week camps and customize the summer based upon each camper’s interests and their family’s schedule.
  2. Camper-Driven Exploration: Specialty Camps provide campers the opportunity to explore new interests, discover new talents and enjoy a new and different experience each week.
  3. Additional Activities: Free swim, gym times, afternoon electives and more allow campers to move around and mix with friends attending other JCC Specialty Camps.
  4. Expert Instructors share their knowledge and skills with our campers. The engaging staff members complete an orientation prior to the start of camp and support campers in each specialty area.

Campers who participate in Specialty Camps also have the advantage of utilizing the wonderful JCC facilities including fully equipped classrooms, dance studios, gymnasiums and swimming pools. The JCC provides an appropriate setting for a full and enriching day.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or would like to register your child for a wonderful weeklong experience. I can be reached at 412-697-3520 or [email protected]

Learn more about our Specialty Camps.


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