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Erase the effects of stress? Yes, you can!

Posted by fireman creative on June 18, 2015

Exercises that elicit a “relaxation” response can help your body erase the cumulative effects of stress. This relaxation response is a state of profound rest and release. When a person meditates, for example, heartbeat and respiration slow down. The body uses less oxygen and produces less carbon dioxide. Blood-lactate levels- which some researchers believe are linked with anxiety attacks, decline markedly. Blood pressure tends to stabilize in healthy individuals and drop significantly in people with hypertension. More good news: Studies have shown that this decrease in blood pressure persists with regular meditation.
Meditation is only one way to elicit this response, of course. Other methods include practicing deep-breathing exercises, yoga, tai chi, and repetitive prayer. What’s crucial is that the method enables a person to interrupt everyday thoughts by focusing on a word, phrase, prayer or repetitive muscular activity.
To get the most benefit, it is recommended that you practice relaxation techniques once or twice a day for a total of10 to 20 minutes daily.

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