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Early Childhood: Transitioning Into Fall

Posted by Barbara Wollman on June 18, 2015

It’s not just the leaves that change during this time of year. Fall can be an exciting time for families, as children return to more structured schedules. Here are some tips for making and maintaining a smooth transition:

  • Children may have feelings both positive and negative about changes.
    • Be a good listener and encourage your children to express their true
      feelings rather than trying to mold their answers into what adults “want” to hear.
  •  Children sometimes act upon anxious or frustrated feelings rather than express them with words. Avoid criticizing their actions or attitudes and try to find out how they really feel.
  • Don’t let your own personal aggravation interfere with your ability to be empathetic. It’s helpful to share your own feelings in an age-appropriate way. Explain that changes are difficult for you, too, but they’re also exciting.
  • Let your children know that with time and patience, new things get easier. Convey confidence in their abilities to work things out, and remind them that you’re here to help.
  • Model respectful behavior, so your children will learn to regard authority figures as helpful. Your children will notice and imitate your efforts to use good manners and be courteous in everyday activities.


Barbara Wollman is a retired psychotherapist specializing in child therapy and a licensed Play Therapist. She served as consultant to the JCC’s Early Childhood Development Center for many years.

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