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Change Your Life for Good

Posted by JCC Pittsburgh on June 18, 2015

You swore this was the year you would stick to your resolutions, but that jumbo tin of popcorn and comfy couch are calling you every night! Join the club.

About 40 percent of Americans make a vow on Jan. 1st- and half relapse within the first 21 days. How to sail though that critical launch period and keep on going?

  1. Watch your wording: many a resolution have failed simply because they were expressed too vaguely. Be specific with an action plan. Instead of “ I Want to lose weight” try- “I plan to drop 1 pound a week by cutting out late-night snacking.” Hoping to eat in more often? Commit to whipping up a home-cooked meal 3 night s a week.
  2. Build your case: To help clarify your goals and pump up your motivation, make a list of pros and cons. So if you’re aiming to exercise more, pros would include as many reasons as possible to support that (you’ll lose weight, sleep better, boost your immunity, and lower stress.) The cons would identify anything that might stand in the way of your success- say a busy schedule. Don’t even attempt to tackle that resolution until the driving factors far outweigh the obstacles.
  3. Set up incentives: The urge to return to your old way is going to be pretty powerful at times, which is why it is critical to plan rewards. If you have packed a healthy lunch all week, treat yourself to a lunch out. Shopping is always good!
  4. Rally support: Research proves that people who make healthy changes together are more likely to succeed. The more similar your objectives are, the better you’ll all do- so if your close pals aren’t up for your brand of self-improvement, keep looking.
  5. Plan ahead for slip-ups: Setbacks are inevitable. But you can improve your chances of a quick recovery by visualizing the fallout in advance. Imagine yourself reaching for a cigarette or biting into a brownie. What will you do to avoid smoking the whole pack or scarfing down every sweet for the rest of the day? Sometimes it’s as simple as reminding yourself that a small misstep is just that- a pause in your progress rather than an excuse to throw in the towel- and that you can pick right up where you left off.


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