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Can you avoid stress?

Posted by Patti Sciulli on March 20, 2020

Stress is definitely a fact of life for all of us lately and for now, there is no end in sight. We may not be able to do anything about the source of our stress, but we can find ways to lower it. Try some of these ideas:

  1. Manage your time by making lists each day and then prioritizing. I have always been a big list person and there is nothing more satisfying than crossing it off the list for me!
  2. Find ways to cope. Most of you can figure out what I think about this: JUST GET MOVING!
  3. Take care of yourself:
    Get plenty of rest, but not too much.
    Eat well – planned meals are what is working for me.
    Limit alcohol. I am thinking a glass of wine is good; a bottle of wine, not so good.
  4. Stay connected. Reach out to family and friends – you’ll manage your stress better. Go old school and pick up the phone to chat, or text your buddies, or meet up on social media – it’s good to connect even remotely!
Can you relieve stress?

You will feel better if you can find ways to get stress out of your system. The best ways to relieve stress are different for everyone. Try some of these ideas to see which ones work for you.

  1. EXERCISE! Regular exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress. Plan to move every day!
    Squats, knee-ups and lunges while you are waiting for the coffee to brew.
    Run up and down the steps 10 times per hour.
    Plank (from knees or toes) and hold for as long as you can; try and increase your hold time each day.
    Tricep dips on your dining room chairs- 10 before each meal.
    And of course, I invite you to do any of the classes we have posted on #JCCPGHVirtual. Can’t make it for the entire class? No problem – do what you can and again slowly increase your workout time each day.
  2. Let your feelings out. Talk, laugh, cry and express anger when you need to with someone you trust.
  3. Learn ways to relax your body: Breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exercises, aromatherapy or yoga.
  4. Focus on the present and what is in your control.

These are trying times but not impossible times.  Have a plan for each day and at the end of your day, hit replay. Taking just 5 minutes to review how it all went (the good and not so good) can help you stay on track. Please feel free to reach out to me [email protected] if there is anything you need help with or maybe even a little encouragement.

Stay well and KEEP MOVING!


Patti Sciulli is the JCC’s Group Exercise/Wellness Director

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