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Bring on The Light – Chanukah!

Posted by Rabbi Ron Symons on December 5, 2016

As the days get shorter during the end of 2016, Chanukah could not come any sooner.

As I prepare for the Festival of Lights this year, I am particularly aware of the eternally contemporary message of the Macabees.  Way back when, around 2100 years ago, when the Assyrian Greeks radically changed the structure of society by not allowing our ancestors to celebrate Shabbat, study Torah nor perform circumcision, those who were most committed to these Jewish ways of life stood up against the authority of the day.  They fought as a minority against a majority, reclaimed and rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem and lit the light of hope to shine forth in the darkest time of the year for generations to come.

We are children of the Maccabees, ready to bring light into the darkness!

I welcome you to learn more about and celebrate Chanukah with hopes that the attached information pages will help you and serve as conversation starters.  As always, I welcome your conversation about ancient and/or contemporary days.

Happy Chanukah!

Rabbi Ron Symons

[email protected]

Learn more about the Big Picture of Chanukah by clicking here: chanukah-backstory

Find out the history of Chanukah, beyond the story of the oil by clicking here: chanukah-history

Explore alternatives to the consumerism of Chanukah by clicking here: chanukah-presents

Enjoy the holiday with music by clicking here:  chanukah-songs

Learn the history and rules of dreidel by clicking here: dreidel

Bring light into the world by lighting candles this Chanukah:  lighting-chanukah-candles


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