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All Your Teen Needs to Know About HIIT Class: It’s FUN

Posted by Laurie Wood on February 20, 2019

Exercise is an extremely important part of being healthy but your fitness routine probably will not be of interest to your teenager.

We have a solution: Our new fitness program for teens, Teen HIIT.  HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is taught by Personal Trainer, Harrison Bird.

The class is offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5 pm in the Garage,  next to the racquet courts.

HIIT is set up to challenge teens with intense work periods followed by a short active recovery in a circuit format. It provides a large calorie burn and health benefits similar to twice as much lower intensity exercise.

We know teens are busy and they want to have fun with their friends. Did I mention that class is only 45 minutes and they will be with their friends working out to music in their own space??

Let’s talk about the benefits. Your teen will be developing movement skills under the supervision of a personal trainer and gaining brain health benefits with improved cognition and reduced symptoms of depression.   We are helping them create healthy fitness habits now that we hope will continue through adulthood.   They are improving their aerobic capacity and strengthening their bones and muscles, which could prevent chronic health conditions or diseases that affect physical health.

But all your teen needs to know…. this will be fun!

For more info on Teen HIIT and our other youth and teen fitness programs, contact Laurie Wood, Fitness Director, 412-697-3509 or [email protected]

To register: 412-697-3522 or [email protected]

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