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Aging Mastery Program – The Jewish Way!

Posted by Rabbi Ron Symons on October 19, 2016

I am writing to you with wishes that you live until age 120! Pupu….
Many of us know that Jewish wisdom teaches us that Moses lived until he was 120 years old. Oy! Could you imagine?

But the thing is, that we often forget the description of Moses at age 120.
“ Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died, his eyes were undimmed and his vigor was unabated.” (Deuteronomy 34:7)
That is what I wish for you, for me, for all of us. We should live long lives that are filled with insight and vigor.

I want to help you fill every day of your life with insight and vigor.

I am pleased to inform you that the Agewell Department of the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh is among 7 sites nation-wide to be piloting a Jewish Aging Mastery Program (JAMP) through the National Council on Aging (NCOA). The JCC has had great success in running similar Aging Mastery Programs with the NCOA. We are really excited to add the Jewish component. Over the course of 12 evening sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:00 PM, you will be engaged in conversations and activities focused on these subject areas:

· Jewish Perspectives on Aging Mastery
· Navigating Longer Lives: The Basics of Aging Mastery
· Exercise and You
· Sleep
· Healthy Eating and Hydration
· Medication Management
· Advance Planning
· Healthy Relationships
· Financial Fitness
· Falls Prevention
· Community Engagement
· Spiritual Mission Statement

As you can imagine, I will be leading the first and the last sessions which have a good deal of Jewish content to them. For the 10 middle sessions, I am pleased to tell you that we will be welcoming experts to guide us. They include Dr. Jonathan Weinkle (The Squirrel Hill Health Center) speaking about advanced planning, Jeff Finkelstein (Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh) speaking about community engagement, Judith Dodd (University of Pittsburgh, School of Health and Rehabilitation Services) speaking about healthy eating and hydration and Terri Kroh (ASTI Pharmacy) speaking about medication management…. among others. Know that for each of these 10 middle sessions, either I will be in class helping us to make Jewish meaning out of the subject matter of the day.

Until 120…. with insight and vigor.

Please join us. It all begins on November 7!

All of the information you need to register is attached. If you have questions or simply want to register, please contact Marsha Mullen, AgeWell at the JCC, 412-339-5415, [email protected]


PS – Check out my video invitation on Facebook at Ron Symons. (Just click on my name to get there.)


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