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The 2020 Census: Everyone Counts!!!

Posted by JCC Pittsburgh on October 22, 2019

The 2020 Census – Every Person Counts!

This is the essence of the constitutional requirement to count all people every 10 years.  The results of the census directly impact the ways we are represented in Congress, the amount of federal funding our community receives and the many ways that public, private and not-for-profit organizations serve our neighbors.

This is the essence of redefining ‘neighbor’ as a moral concept: Every person in our community deserves to be counted because every person counts.

You can be an essential part of the process of ensuring a complete count in Southwest Pennsylvania by applying for a part time job working on the census.

  • Starting salary for field staff in Allegheny County is $18.50/hr.
  • Clerical staff positions start at $15/hr.
  • In this county, we are still hiring for field and clerical roles and will be until the end of operations in 2020
  • SEVERAL THOUSAND individuals in Allegheny County will be recruited!
  • All positions are TEMPORARY and generally last between 3-8 weeks with possibility for extension based on need.
  • The application asks how many hours you want to work as well as when you are able to work those hours.
  • The three things that you need to work are:
    • 18+ years or older
    • Current U.S. Citizen*
    • Have a pulse

*Based on potential language needs individuals who are legally able to work in the United States AND who have the specific language skills that are needed to get a complete count may be hired.

  • Many government aid programs have received waivers so that the income that is received during your time with us does not negatively affect your eligibility, including: SNAP, CHIP, TANF, FDPIR, HUD, GA, Social Security, and Medicaid.
  • Please send me any media sources that you think that would be good for me to buy to communicate census and recruitment messages.

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The 2020 Census: Everyone Counts!!!

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