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Pittsburgh Pizza — Who Knew?

My jaw dropped when I looked at the food column in the New York Times last Sunday. One of my favorite food writers, Mark Bittman, chose to make his farewell column, entitled "Slice of Heaven," about Bread and Salt Bakery in Bloomfield. Not Queens. Bloomfield, Pittsburgh. I'm not going to lie; I was confused. First, because I've been in Pittsburgh long enough to enjoy its under-the-radar-ness, …

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Girls Just Want to…Run!

As I was reviewing the curriculum for our Girls on the Run team, I realized that we are now more than halfway through the program. We have such an amazing group of third to fifth grade girls from five different schools, and with so many different personalities.  It got me thinking about the vision of the program: “We envision a world where every girl knows and …

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Meet us at the corner of Darlington and Murray

We'll see you at the next Squirrel Hill Night Market We are really excited about being a part of the second Squirrel Hill Night Market, this Saturday, September 26, from 6-10 pm. Stop by the JCC table in the First Niagara parking area on Darlington, just off Murray Avenue, for Night Market Membership Special Offer coupons (we're waiving the processing fee -- a savings of $149!) and …

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