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Self-Portraits and Out of Many: Stories of Migration

JCC Squirrel Hill, 5738 Forbes Avenue

December 21, 2017 to January 7, 2018

Stop in at the JCC in Squirrel Hill by January 7 to experience the full impact of Self-portraits by University of Pittsburgh Drawing II students, exploring identity and the unique cultural and family histories that shape self-hood.

The exhibit is presented in conjunction with Out of Many: Stories of Migration, photographs that document the experiences of multiple generations of immigrants and their descendants in Pittsburgh. Presented by the American Jewish Museum at the JCC.

Out of Many: Stories of Migration, organized by photographer Brian Cohen and Laura Domencic and produced by a collaboration of professional photographers based in Pittsburgh, documents the experiences of multiple generations of immigrants and their descendants in Pittsburgh. Out of Many accentuates the key role that immigration has played in this corner of the world, including shaping our neighborhoods, the formation of our identity, in sustaining our economy, and in the enrichment of our cultural diversity.

Comprised entirely of new work by Brian Cohen, Scott Goldsmith, Nate Guidry, Lynn Johnson, and Annie O’Neill, Out of Many considers Pittsburgh’s stories as a lens through which to consider the broader American immigrant experience.

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