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GaitBetter: The JCC’s Gait, Balance and Fall Prevention Program

JCC South Hills: 345 Kane Blvd., Scott

January 11, 2024 to February 7, 2024

GaitBetter: The JCC’s Gait, Balance and Fall Prevention Program

Coming soon to the JCC South Hills!

Do you want to improve your walking?
Reduce your risk of falls by 70%?
Improve your mobility?

Using a personalized virtual reality simulation and walking on a treadmill with a harness for safety, the GaitBetter system will allow you to train real-life walking patterns and situations including:
• Obstacle negotiation
• Motor planning
• Balance strategies
• Speed and endurance
• Dual tasking
• Decision making
• Working memory
• Attention skills

Members can have a free trial on the GaitBetter from January 11 to February 7.

For more information about the GaitBetter system and the JCC’s Gait Better Session packages, contact Elaine Cappucci,
[email protected] or 412-446-4773.

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