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Awaken Pittsburgh: Mindful Writing Workshop

JCC Squirrel Hill: 5738 Forbes Avenue, Room 202

July 28, 2024

3-5 pm


The JCC, in partnership with Awaken Pittsburgh, the region’s go-to mindfulness resource, is providing our members with a number of in-person and virtual guided meditations each month.

Based on evidence-based meditation and mindfulness practices, participants will learn lifelong skills that have the power to transform lives. A proven effective tool for reducing stress and improving one’s focus throughout the day, a regular mindfulness practice not only brings powerful, personal benefits to practitioners but to those with whom they connect each and every day.

Mindful Writing: Cultivating Creativity Through Mindfulness
Sunday, July 28, 3-5 pm

JCC Squirrel Hill JCC, Room 202

This workshop will explore the connections between mindfulness, writing, and nature. How can plants, animals and the natural world inspire our creative and mindfulness practices? Participants will be guided through meditation and creative writing prompts to find focus, experiment with word choice, and discover inner landscapes.

Writers and meditators of all levels and backgrounds are welcome.


Derrick Jones is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Certified Physician Assistant, poet, writer, freestyle rapper, dancer, and an avid lover of life and learning. Derrick has held a daily meditation practice for over 7 years and attended multiple meditation retreats, including one 10-Day Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat. Derrick has most recently taught Mindful Writing: Cultivating Creativity Through Mindfulness at the Spring 2023 Big Om Yoga Retreat.

Jodie Free is a writing coach, tutor and editor for The Writing Studio in Pittsburgh, where she works with writers of all ages. She holds an MFA in Fiction from Warren Wilson College, and an MA in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi. A member of Carlow’s Madwomen in the Attic community, her poetry, stories and essays are featured or forthcoming in various journals. She has held a daily meditation practice for over 2 years.

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Mindfulness Meditation (in-person and on-line)

Awaken Pittsburgh offers three monthly guided meditations open to anyone.   This is a chance to practice mindfulness in community together.

Each session follows the same format: introductions, a period of guided meditation, and then a chance to support one another, discuss how our meditations are going at home, and ask any questions we have about practice.

Pre-registration, via the links provided, helps us to prepare and ensure that we have room for everyone.

Upcoming Mindfulness Training Sessions at the JCC:

Squirrel Hill:

2nd Saturday of each month, 8:30-9:30 am. Register HERE

3rd Monday of each month, 7-8 pm. Register HERE

South Hills:

1st Tuesday of each month, 1-2 pm. Register HERE

Essential Mindfulness Training for Educators, Youth, Therapists, Employers, and Those in Helping or High-Stress Professions

Awaken Pittsburgh is a non-profit organization committed to serving people, communities and society at large through evidence-based meditation and mindfulness programs. We are the region’s “go-to” mindfulness resource. We seek to create positive, systemic change in our backyards–and beyond–by teaching lifelong skills that have the power to transform lives.

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