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Religious Freedom: A First Amendment Conference Follow Up

JCC Boardroom, 5738 Forbes Avenue, Squirrel Hill

March 10, 2020

10:30 am– 12 pm

As the debate regarding religious freedom continues, we hope to strengthen the notion that we are each responsible for protecting each other’s fundamental rights through shared dialogue. Freedom of religion is an unalienable right that we share as American citizens, and it is our duty living in a democratic society to uphold and defend these rights when they are threatened.

Featuring Witold “Vic” Walczak, Legal Director, ACLU PA

As you are aware, the Supreme Court is considering a case that impacts Roe v. Wade and employment discrimination cases related to sexual and/or gender identity in tension with religious freedom are continuing to be debated. Our conversation will provide us with an opportunity to reconnect around the issues, hear updates from Vic and consider possible steps forward together as concerned residents.

All are welcome no matter your attendance at the Fall 2019 conference.


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