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A Passover Dinner Party

March 26, 2021

5-6 pm


A window into Jewish culture – A mirror reflecting Sikhism, Christianity, Islam and so much more

Friday, March 26, 5 – 6 PM EDT

Join Rabbi Ron Symons and Melissa Hiller with their guests for a brief dinner party with our special guests:

  • Valarie Kaur, Author – See No Stranger; Founder, The Revolutionary Love Project
  • Imam Hamza Perez – A-NE Center at the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh; Co-founder, The Light of the Age Mosque, Pittsburgh’s North Side
  • Darnell Drewery – The Center for Victims, Pittsburgh, PA; The Shyne Awards Foundation
  • Skyler Oberst – Millennial Interfaith Expert
  • Liddy Barlow – Executive Minister, Christian Associates of Southwest PA

Our hour will be spent watching a pre-recorded 30 minute dinner party with our guests as they reflect on the wine, matzah and hope of Passover as seen through their own cultural and spiritual lenses.

We will then engage in a live dialogue about our reflections and questions.

We will end the evening by welcoming Shabbat.

All are welcome, no matter your faith or tradition or how many times you have or have not celebrated Passover.


Questions: [email protected]

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