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Wellness Classes

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Wellness classes balance the intensity of fitness workouts. De-stress and relax in classes including yoga, Pilates, Reiki and Alexander–practices that focus on alignment, healthy postures and releasing tension in the body.



Pilates and Yoga

Contact Patti Sciulli, 412-697-3507.
Please see the monthly Group Exercise schedule for an up-to-date list of classes, days and times; also available at the Centerfit Desk or online.

Pilates and Yoga Class Fees
No fee/Centerfit Platinum members
General members:
$140/20-session punch card
(get one session FREE with filled card)
$70/10-session punch card
$9/drop-in; $12/community

Create a body that is long and lean with flat abdominals and a strong back.

One-on-One Pilates
Focus on increasing flexibility and strength to build more defined, longer, leaner muscles. Mat and Reformer training available. Call 412-697-3507 to schedule your appointment.

Improve strength and flexibility through stretches, postures and breathing techniques.

Yoga Flow
Seated meditation, breathing exercises and a variety of postures. Suitable for all students from beginners and up

Yoga Therapy
Yoga can be an effective method of healing sore joints, tight muscles, unhealthy posture patterns and chronic pain, as well as speeding recovery from surgery. Call 412-697-3507 to schedule your appointment.

Other Wellness Classes

Alexander Technique
Call Darlene Cridlin, 412-697-3517
Learn to use your body in more relaxed and efficient ways by focusing on your selfperception of movement. Carolyn Johnston, instructor.
Thursdays, 9:45-11:15 am
Robinson Dance Studio
September 20-November 8
$80/member; $100/community
November 29-December 20
$40/member; $50/community

Healthy Heart Phase lll Cardiac Rehabilitation
Call Marsha Mullen, 412-339-5415. With a physician’s approval, you can exercise in Centerfit. Marsha Mullen, MS ATC, will guide you through an individualized exercise program using your physician’s recommendations. Supervised times: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
New time: 9:30-11:30 am $25/month for SilverSneakers, Silver&Fit and JCC general members $125/year/Centerfit Platinum $48/month for community

Jump Start Your Weight Loss
Work with a personal trainer and a dietitian for a workout and eating plan—guaranteed to get you closer to your goal. 3 personal training sessions 1-hour appointment with a JCC dietitian plus a 30-minute follow-up $215; $199/Centerfit Platinum
(20% savings by bundling these services)

Click HERE for details

Mechanotherapy corrects body alignment and improves functional capabilities, decreasing pain and reducing the risk of injury. Make an appointment with specialist, Joe DeAntonis, MS, at 412-697-3509.
$95/hour/member; $120/community
5 sessions: $450; 10 sessions: $850
5 sessions: $250; 10 sessions: $450

Next Steps
Jason Stowell
 [email protected]
JCC Next Steps is a post-rehabilitation exercise program that will help you transition from physical therapy to long-term fitness and wellness. Through the Next Steps program, you will be able to take advantage of our highly educated and trained staff of fitness professionals, who will work closely with your physical therapist to develop an exercise prescription tailored to your needs. Enroll now in our Next Steps program for as little as $33 per half hour when you purchase 10 sessions.

Nutrition Counseling
Determine what you should be eating, based on your individual concerns.
$55/one-hour session; $30/follow-up session
5 follow-up sessions: $140

Online Weight Loss Course
This 8-week course is conducted online with one phone or in–person meeting with
Deborah Brooks, MS, RD.
$125: Start your 8 weeks any time

Reiki is a natural Japanese healing technique that promotes stress reduction and relaxation. It is an energybased touch therapy that liberates
the body’s natural healing abilities. To schedule an appointment, call
the Concierge at 412-697-3544.
$70/one-hour session
$60/Centerfit Platinum

PWR!MovesTM Parkinson’s Exercise Program
Call Marsha Mullen, 412-339-5415.
PWR!Moves is an evidence-based exercise program geared to people with Parkinson’s, designed to counteract its major symptoms, restore function and improve quality of life.
Mondays and Thursdays, 11 am
October 8-November 15
Mondays, Kaufmann Dance Studio
Thursdays, Levinson Hall
$72/member; $96/community

T’ai Chi
Learn a traditional t’ai chi form and experience the proven benefits to mind and body while enjoying a pleasurable, relaxing group experience. Doris Putkovich, Instructor.
Wednesdays, Kaufmann Dance Studio
1-1:45 pm
September 5-November 14,
No class September 19
$30/members; $35/community


NEW! Introduction to Mindfulness and Compassion Practices
Mindfulness is an awareness practice. In today’s world there are many distractions demanding our attention that often cause stress. Through practicing mindfulness, we can develop a sense of compassion for ourselves and others. In this introductory course, you will learn about mindfulness in a relaxed and supported environment. Session topics include mindfulness, neuroplasticity and the brain, emotions and cultivating compassion. The class features formal and informal mindfulness practices and discussions of the applications of mindfulness in our everyday life. Practices will include breath awareness, sitting and gentle movement practices, and guided body scans. Audio versions will be available for home practice.
Taught by: Tina Raspanti, M.Ed, CAPP (Certification in Applied Positive Psychology), a psychology teacher at Mt. Lebanon High School who been awarded several grants for her mindfulness education programs and was recently named as an “Unboxed Teacher” in the western PA region.

Social Hall
$40/member; $50/community
No class November 19
Please register in advance at the Front Desk.

For questions: Elaine Cappucci, 412-446-4773,


Next Steps
Contact Steve Manns, [email protected] or 412-278-1783 to make an appointment.
JCC Next Steps is a post rehabilitation exercise program that will help you transition from physical therapy to long term fitness and wellness. Enroll for as little as $33 per half hour when you purchase 10 sessions.

Primal Health Coaching
Call Coach Steve
Manns,Certified Primal Health
Coach, to make an appointment. Primal Health
Coaching supports maximum
vitality and well-being through the integration of strategies across a broad spectrum of lifestyle dimensions including nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, sun, play and enrichment. $700/12 weeks

workout that quickly moves the entire body, alternating conditioning with sword work, and can burn up to 900 calories in a class setting. $6/class; Dance Studio Free with Platinum membership

Jungshin Calm
Jungshin Calm is a gentle, 45-minute workout intended for aging adults, pregnant women, and anyone wishing to experience sword training at a slower pace. Exercises will focus on strength, breath, range of motion and balance. $6/class; Dance Studio Free with Platinum membership

Learn relaxation and improve strength and flexibility through stretches, postures and breathing techniques. $9/class; Dance Studio Free with Platinum membership

Gentle Yoga
For those who wish to move at a slower pace. No yoga experience required. $6/class; Dance Studio Free with Platinum membership

Power Yoga
This class focuses on body alignment, physical conditioning and mindfulness. Excellent for all levels from beginners to advanced. $9/class, Dance Studio Free with Platinum membership.

Contact Us

Squirrel Hill

Patti Sciulli: 412-697-3507

South Hills

Bonnie Livingstone: 412-278-1781

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