Wellness Classes

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Wellness classes balance the intensity of fitness workouts. De-stress and relax in classes including yoga, Pilates, Reiki and Alexander–practices that focus on alignment, healthy postures and releasing tension in the body.



Squirrel Hill
Pilates and Yoga

Contact Patti Sciulli, 412-697-3507.
Please see the monthly Group Exercise schedule for an up-to-date list of classes, days and times; also available at the Centerfit Desk or online.
Pilates and Yoga Class Fees
No fee/Centerfit Platinum members
General members:
$140/20-session punch card
(get one session FREE with filled card)
$70/10-session punch card
$9/drop-in; $12/community

One-on-One Pilates
Focus on increasing flexibility and
strength to build more defined, longer, leaner muscles. Mat and Reformer training available. Call 412-697-3507 to schedule your appointment.

Yoga Therapy
Yoga can be an effective method of
healing sore joints, tight muscles,
unhealthy posture patterns and chronic pain, as well as speeding recovery from surgery. Call 412-697-3507 to schedule your appointment.

Fees for One-on-One Pilates and
Yoga Therapy:
Centerfit Platinum members
$60/1-hour session; $110/two sessions
3-5 sessions: $50/session ($150-$250)
General members
$66/1-hour session
$122/two sessions
3-5 sessions: $56/session ($168-$280)

Other Wellness Classes

Contact Jeanne Ronschke, 412-697-3515.
Learn to use your body in more relaxed and efficient ways by focusing on your self-perception of movement. Carolyn Johnston, instructor.
Thursdays, Robinson Dance Studio
9:30-11 am
September 22-November 10
November 17-December 15
$80/member; $100/community

Click HERE for details

Muscle Activation Techniques
MAT corrects body alignment and
improves functional capabilities,
decreasing pain and reducing the risk of injury. Make an appointment with our MAT-certified specialist, Joe DeAntonis, MS, at 412-697-3509.
$85/member; $100/community

MAT Reinforcement
A hybrid of MAT and exercise.
$45/half hour
$42.50 each/12-47 sessions
$40 each/48+sessions

Reiki is a natural Japanese healing
technique that promotes stress
reduction and relaxation. It is an energybased
touch therapy that liberates
the body’s natural healing abilities. To schedule an appointment, call
the Concierge at 412-697-3544.
$70/one-hour session
$60/Centerfit Platinum

T’ai Chi
Learn a traditional t’ai chi form and
experience the proven benefits to mind and body while enjoying a pleasurable, relaxing group experience. Doris Putkovich, Instructor.
Wednesdays, Kaufmann Dance Studio
1-1:45 pm
September 7-November 16
November 23-January 25, 2017
$30/members; $35/community

South Hills

Mat Men (SH only)
Yoga class designed specifically for men.

Pilates puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, developing a strong core and improving coordination and balance. Specially certified instructors lead group mat classes.

Pilates Barre (SH only)
A blend of traditional Pilates mat work and an energizing Ballet Barre workout will help you achieve a long lean dancer’s body with this toning class.

Pilates Reformer Training (SH only)
Specially certified instructors will work with you one-on-one for Pilates mat training or with the Pilates reformer.


Contact Us

Squirrel Hill

Patti Sciulli: 412-697-3507

South Hills

Judy Ryave: 412-278-1792

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