Noar & Bogrim Teen Travel Camp

Building Relationships, Gaining Independence

At Noar & Bogrim Travel Camp, campers in grades 5-9 enjoy time with friends while building new relationships and gaining independence. Through group activities and decision-making opportunities that happen during every daily trip, campers learn how to work together as a team.

Daily adventures await our middle school campers every summer with exciting excursions in and around town, and five-day Big Trip getaways outside of PIttsburgh.

Noar & Bogrim Travel Camp travels by school bus for daily trips and by coach bus for Big Trips.

Dates and Registration

Early Bird Registration for Summer 2018 Has Begun!

Summer 2018:

June 18- August 17, 2018

To Register visit JCC Day Camps Website

For more information on our Teen Travel Camp visit our JCC Day Camps Website. 

Contact Us

Lewis Sohinki

J&R Day Camp Director
Main: 412-697-3537
Summer: 412-829-7707

  • Please to choose the person to whom you wish to email.

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