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Welcoming the Holidays

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October 9, 2020

6-6:15 pm
Welcome Simchat Torah with Rabbi Ron
Friday, October 9, 6-6:15 pm
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Want to celebrate the Torah?

Rabbi Ron Symons welcomes you to his dining room as we celebrate Simchat Torah (The Joy of Torah), the holiday marking the ending and the beginning of the annual Torah reading cycle.  We will focus on the power of how we end and begin again with intentionality in all that we do.  Blessings over candles, wine and challah included.

Coming Events
Aug 25 – Nov 3
For years, the JCC has served as a polling place for voting.  As we saw in the most recent primary and are anticipating in the upcoming election, the voting systems we have come to know over the years are changing.  That is why our Center for Loving Kindness-JCC of Greater Pittsburgh is joining with an...